Thursday, September 29, 2022

Block 6 of Ravens Quilt done

I finished the applique for Block 6 of Blackbird Designs "Ravens" quilt.  It was a much easier block than Block 5 (see previous post).   I've decided to do Block 2 next (another complicated one).    The fabric for the wing has the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe written all over it.

And because I've been spending so much time working on this Halloween quilt . . . when I saw this Art Gallery post on Instagram, I immediately pictured it made with black, orange, and purple fabrics.

Wouldn't it look terrific in those colors.  It's a free pattern on their site.

Two friends and I went to Midway yesterday to stop at the Christmas store - Kringles. 

It's not at the peak of autumn color yet but the red scattered over the mountains was sure pretty.

Kringles is  a sweet store.  I should have taken more pictures.  Isn't that hydrangea pretty with it's pink hue.

After  about 18 texts back and forth between my son and I - I bought this little gnome snow globe for him.  It has rainbow glitter for the snow.

At another store my friend modeled this Cleopatra-like necklace pillow.  There were earrings to match - ha!

After Kringles and the pillow store the skies opened up and we really got rained on.  We haven't had much rain in the valley this summer (Midway is up in the mountains) so the big drops of cold water felt good.  I had on sandals and didn't feel the cold till much later when the rain had stopped.

There were a lot of cute little houses in the small town with gingerbread trim.  Fun to see.

 We ended up eating lunch at a Mexican restaurant that was really slow but the food was sure good.  We were in no hurry and enjoyed just visiting and some new food items.

I should have taken more picture but the restaurant was dark and then I forgot about it.  

It was a lot of fun being together and taking some time away.


Friday, September 23, 2022

Ravens - Block 5 done

 I finished Block 5 of the Ravens quilt by Blackbird Designs.  The pattern came out in 2016 and I am just now getting around to making it.  But, to be honest, there are many more things in my sewing studio that are much older than this.

The colors are a bit unusual and they kind of clash in a good Halloweenish way.  It's almost like listening to music with discordant notes..  I love the purple fabric that I used for the house with it's images of orchids on it.  Very different from what I'm used to using.

I included my interpretation of this plant (on the lower left of the block) that comes up each autumn in the garden.  I have no idea what it is.  Large green leaves come up in late spring and die back about mid-summer.  Then in the fall the leafless stock shoots up with these bright berries.  It is really an intense orange color.

I'm going to work on Block 6 next.  It will go much faster because there aren't as many pieces; one large bird, a pumpkin, stems and leaves.  I will still need to make berries but they will be larger.

I did the house block first to get the busiest block out of the way.

I've been going through my fabric to find big pieces to sew together for backings.  I am normally a wholecloth backing type of quilter but I've got a number of large pieces left over from other projects that don't really go with anything and need to be used up.  

Upward and onward.


Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Ravens quit by Blackbird Designs

I'm prepping the center of the Ravens quilts by Blackbird Designs.  BB produces such unusual fabrics and the purple for the body of the house is no exception.   It is from the fabric line Wild Orchid.  

I love the background fabric, it's a current fabric by Deb Strain

I have a few of the other blocks that I've prepped below.  It's not the greatest picture but it gives a feel for what this quilt will turn out to be.

I've been busy trying to get the bodies of the Ravens all appliqued so I can baste the wings on and figure out if I've got the colors well distributed.  

The blocks are spread out over my bed which has the 'Birds in the Air' quilt on it.

This quilt is a gift and I can only work on it for little spurts of time.  I'm not trying to complete it for Halloween this year.  It will be a year long project.

The garden, after 10 days of 100+ degrees last week, is continuing to produce.  I've bottled tomatoes, dried basil, and put some corn in the freezer.  Production should slow down a little this week with temps in the 60's and 70's. This picture isn't representative of the volume of vegetables my husband, the garden gnome, has picked and brought in this summer.

(Picture a tall gnome with a green thumb - ha!)


Monday, August 29, 2022

Isn't she the cutest?

 Here she is, my youngest daughter, quilting a quilt in a frame for the first time.  She has tied quilts and stitched quilts in her lap but this is the first in a frame.

She makes everything so fun.


Monday, August 22, 2022

Lots of things

I've been meaning to post for over a week and just couldn't fit it in.  I finished this little Florence Peto quilt.  I machine stitched around the blocks and then used big stitch to outline the applique and the setting triangles.  The small green border looks like it needs some quilting too.

I used one of the leftover blocks for my label.  It took me 11 years to complete this little quilt.  Not my oldest UFO but definitely waiting a long long time.


I finished sewing this Red & White quilt top together this morning.  It is from the Aunt Daisy SAL 
I'm a little disappointed in my craftsmanship on this project.  I couldn't seem to press it correctly to make all the points line up.  I didn't really cut points off as much as I didn't line them up properly.  I've decided to name this quilt "Pointless".  I'm not really sure I want to put a label on it  for posterity to know who made this wonky quilt.  

But, in spite of all that it is still very pretty and will really add to my Christmas decorating

I want to make Christmas quilts for all six of my kids.  Three of them already have one so I need to make 3 more.  I purchased Vera Mosquera's pattern called "Noel".  And then promptly got out the book above to make the "Ravens" quilt by Blackbird Designs.  

I guess it's because it's almost fall - not almost Christmas.  It doesn't make any sense but I need to go with the project I have enthusiasm for.  

I bought a number of pieces from the Wild Orchid line by Blackbird Designs when this pattern first came out.  It's a really unusual color scheme and takes some getting used to.

I prepped Block 6 for applique.  I'm still trying to decide if I like it or need to change it.  The wing on the bird is not basted down but it is cut out of the fabric below.  It's current fabric with the Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven" written on it.

My husband and our son (the one that is living with Us) have been working hard for over a week to clean out the garage and scrub the floor.  The have washed it with soap and water, they have scrubbed it with something called "Krud Kleaner".  The have used wired bushes on drills to grind down some of the stuff that has been spilled on it.  They sealed it and put epoxy paint on it. 


But, as you can see, it's done.  And now Mr. Fix-it wants to paint the garage walls.  GASP!

 My neighbor's zinnias are so beautiful I had to share.  Wish I could grow them like this.

Have a wonderful late summer day.  The concord grapes are starting to turn purple so I know autumn will soon be here.


Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Baraboo Quilt

I finally finished my "Baraboo" quilt.  It is named after a city in central Wisconsin.

The Baraboo Chamber of Commerce states; "Baraboo is a charming small town in Wisconsin known for its colorful circus history, Devil's Lake State Park and a historic downtown square."

It has the Circus World Museum and was the wintering spot for Ringling Bros. (I think).  Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, it seemed like a good name because of the bright intense colors in this quilt.

It's hard to see the turquoise dots in the border that I made circles to match in the body of the quilt so here is a picture.

I've been quilting this in my living room and the oranges just pop out at me when I walk through.  Not in a good way though, it definitely doesn't go with the rest of the décor.  I got out this needlepoint picture that is a good companion to the quilt.

I'm not sure who is going to get this quilt.  But, I'm glad it's done because it has been waiting it's turn for quite a while now.

I also finished this quilt that I have wrapped around my settee.
Wouldn't it be fun to have it upholstered in this quilt?

I had it machine quilted earlier this year but never got the binding sewn on till now.

It is from Temecula Quilt Co. and is called Beyond Baskets.  It has wonderful reproduction fabrics in it.

 You can see my previous post about it here.

After finishing the other two quilts I got out another UFO to finish.  It is the Florence Peto block exchange I participated in with my friend Marlena in 2011.  It past time to get it done.

It won't take long.  I've already sewn around the individual blocks by machine and now I'm big stitching around the designs.  It's almost like doing embroidery.  

It has been so hot here that I haven't accomplished much other than holding still and stitching.  My house desperately needs some attention.

Hope the heat hasn't sapped your energy and you are getting a lot done.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Is it too much red?

I have been wanting to do a Red & White quilt  for a long time.  I finally found something I wanted to do and so I started around February.  It was my Red & White houses quilt (SEE HERE

Then I found another Red & White quilt I wanted to do (SEE HERE) and got busy on that.

I thought I was finished with the house top but the quilt kept calling out from the closet. . .
  "I need a word strip border on my left side!" 

So, I finally gave in and have been working on it between company, summer, quilting at the frame, and just being SO DANG HOT!

I having trouble deciding whether to cut out and applique the center of the two O's or leave them  whole.  The "O" above is whole.

I cut out a white circle and put it over the "O" to see what it would look like appliqued open.  I don't know which I like best. . . 


 The other quilt, the Aunt Daisy quilt is making progress.  I sewing the blocks in strips first and you can see that I'm working on the bottom and top row of the block.  I've got the only finished block close by so I can prevent myself from making mistakes.

I love red and I know I'm going to love both of these quilts but I'm getting anxious to start something (or even finish something else) that has a variety of colors in it.

It's like having white lights or multi-colored on a Christmas tree.  Sometimes I want the bright crispness of white lights and other times I want the fanciful happy multi-colored ones.

The good news is that both of my Red & White projects are coming to a close soon and I can get a little more color in my life😏


I did sneak in a multi-colored purchase.  I bought this curated FQ bundle of Art Gallery Fabrics.


Block 6 of Ravens Quilt done

I finished the applique for Block 6 of Blackbird Designs "Ravens" quilt.  It was a much easier block than Block 5 (see previous po...