Friday, July 12, 2019

Current happenings

This is the most recent Cheddarback block.  The picture is a bit fuzzy - sorry.  It was a really difficult block to make with over 12 "Y" seams and all those bias edges - gasp!  It doesn't lie flat.  But, it's done and I'm moving on.  I think it will quilt out (Ha!),  The conversation print for the background is two birds looking at gold fish in a fish bowl.  It's really sweet.  The color isn't true in the picture, the block is brighter. 

I'm not planning on putting a cheddar colored backing on this quilt like the original.  But, I wanted to put a goodly amount of cheddar fabrics on the front.

And now the current news. . .   My husband (above) is picking the currents while laying on his stomach. 

At least he's in the shade, it's supposed to be 99 degrees today.

And here is the gorgeous bounty.  They are so cute.


Monday, July 1, 2019

It's coming together

Blocks sewn together

Still plugging along with this quilt.  I finished the surround blocks and after much shifting and considering and changes, this is the configuration that my son and I figured out.  It's always hard to figure out where to put a block that you've made at random.  There are blocks that are together that have similar fabrics but this was the best set up.


I wondered if these blocks were too dark and might need some sashing strips between them.  I made some flying geese units to see how it would look.  I don't really like them for sashing.  They  interrupt the flow of the blocks and they look too small.

Flying geese stop border

I have some border fabric from this fabric line and I think the flying geese will do a great job of introducing the outer border.  That being said, I'm going to have to make a zillion flying geese because they only measure 3/4" X 1 1/2" finished.  (Whose idea was that anyway???)

I'm anxious to see the new set of blocks for the Cheddarback Quilt.  I keep checking but she hasn't posted yet.  Here is what I told Kaya when we were discussing that quilt;

I like this quilt.  It looks exactly like what it is, a "utility quilt".  I'm going to really enjoy using it when it's done.  It's a quilt I won't feel like I have to be careful with.  I'm not going to let my grandchildren jump on it but I will allow sitting.  It's funny how some quilts just give out a vibe. Some say "display only" or "come and admire me."  This one says, "use me up."

It's a lovely Monday.  My husband has brought in enough strawberries to make jam, enough raspberries to delight my grandchildren when they come (one of them mows our lawn every Monday), and a large bowl of peas that will go into the freezer.

Life is good,

Thursday, June 27, 2019

This week's sewing

I've been working all week to catch up on the cheddarback quilt SAL.  I had decided not to continue after the first two months because some of the blocks didn't turn out the right size and it was frustrating to go to all that work and not be able to use it.

So, after holding off for a couple of weeks, I finally decided that I would regret not making this quilt.  I figured out how to print the 4th month patterns and I got busy.

I added the extra block in the second group, such a cute block.  I added the four shoo-fly mini blocks from another project.  The were just the right size when sewn together - who knew?

I made the other basket block by cutting out all the little pieces, not paper piecing.  When it was finished it measured 6 3/8" instead of the 5 1/2" it was supposed to.  Yet, another block not turning out the correct size.

But, not to be too discouraged, I'm gong to put setting triangles on it (ooh! maybe string pieced) and make it into a 12 1/2" block to replace one of the future ones.

Now, with this done I'll go back to the blind man's fancy blocks and quilt.

Thanks for checkin' in,

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

I got a few more blocks done.  They are not necessarily in the order I'm going to sew them together. 

It's looking kind of dark.  I wonder if I should put sashing between the blocks. I have some striped yardage that I want to use for a border so I don't want to make it too big or I won't have enough for the border.  Decisions, decisions.

 I cut out one of the outer pieces wrong and had to sew the fabric together to get a large enough piece for the outside striped green on the left.  I don't think it's very noticeable. 

I think it might need a narrow applique border too.  I'm not used to creating as I go.  It's causing a little apprehension because I might not have enough scraps to do what I want.  I'm used to cutting out the quilt first and then sewing merrily along because I have the confidence that I've got everything I need to finish it.  This is a whole other mind set.

I would probably have more blocks done but I'm working on my hexie project and hand quilting the one on the frames.  I love it.  I'm immersed in needle and thread.

I'm also working on the family pictures I've inherited.  It is extremely time consuming. 

I love this picture.  My grandmother is the youngest child.  She is only eight in this picture.  The other sisters are l-r Nellie age 14, Blanche 18, and Murle 16.  My great grandmother in this picture didn't become a grandmother until she was 70 when her youngest daughter had children.    This is one of the lines in the family that daughtered-out.

Enjoy sewing today,

Friday, June 14, 2019

My patriotic quilts. . .

I thought it might be fun to see my patriotic and flag quilts all together.

designed by Jan Patek

Plaid quilt in red, white, and blue with buttons - love this quilt

A combination of designs by Blackbird Designs

Little Women 12 by Jo Morton

Made in a SAL with my group Bound Together.
 It now has a border made of the same ombre print as the star and the inner border. 

Ohio Star flag, I don't remember the designer.

My first quilt.

This might not look that patriotic but I sewed flags instead of the solid blocks of fabric that the pattern called for.  It's was a Mystery BOM  called Piece and Plenty from Fat Quarter Shop online.

My first "Women of Grace and Charm" designed by Blackbird Designs.

My 2nd "Women of Grace and Charm" quilt.  I like this one better, I think it's because it's just a little lighter.  But I like the center of the other one better - sigh

I think this is my absolute favorite backing.  It is the backing for the 2nd "Women of Grace and Charm" quilt above.

I have one other one that I didn't include.  It's because there is a big glaring mistake in it and I'm going to have to unpick the quilting, reverse the offending strip, and then quilt that place again.  It's not something I look forward to.

Have a happy flag day!

Monday, June 10, 2019

Current project (pun)

I wasn't going to do Barbara Brackman's Hospital Sketches QAL but I was enjoying everyone else's progress.  And then, she posted the Cockscomb and Currents block here .  I've always loved this block and wanted to make one.

I bought  some fabric from the Old Sturbridge Christmas line by Judie Rothermel that came out over 5 years ago and have been waiting for just the right quilt project.  I thought it would be perfect for this one. 

I am going to use the block for a center medallion.  I'm making some Blind Man's Fancy blocks to go around it.  (Gotta love that block!)  and then a border and then . . .

The half square triangles in this block finish at 1 5/8th inch.  The tedious part of this is that I have to trim them down to 2 1/16th before I sew them together.  But it works!

This is the 2nd Blind Man's Fancy block but as you can see, I have some unpicking to do.


Linking up to Design Wall Monday at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts.  Go check it out.

Friday, May 31, 2019

I finished it - once again

I think it might need a narrow cheddar border or maybe cheddar binding.

I've completed  the quilt top with the "Old Maid's Patience" blocks - again.  I took out all the gold squares and replaced them with cheddar squares.  That was really no fun at all.  But the finished product has turned out as I envisioned.  I'm naming it Colby after a little town I visited in Wisconsin that invented Colby Cheddar.

This is the way the blocks looked after the first finish.  It's nice enough but rather ho-hum.  I unpicked all the alternating squares, I can use that fabric with almost anything so it won't go to waste at all.

Doesn't look like the same blocks, does it?

Here are the bright perky blocks with the new indigo alternating squares.  The cheddar fabric really reflects the light and shows up much brighter than it really is in both photos of the quilt.

Here are the rather drab previous blocks.  It was really a lot of work to unpick everything but I'm so happy I did.  Now instead of a "that's nice" quilt it's become a "look at me" quilt.

The basket block

I finished quilting the three bottom blocks of the 'Baskets, Berries, and Leaves pattern by Jan Patek.  You can see the full quilt on my sidebar.

This block shows the true colors of the background fabrics.

The personalized block

 I used the Lilac Hill fabric line on this quilt.  And speaking of lilacs, I couldn't help but include a few pictures of one of my bushes.

The Painted Lady Butterflies are migrating.  I've only see this one other time and that was when we lived in Colorado over 20 yrs. ago.  So, this is pretty special.

The Colby quilt top is the 9th UFO finish out of 16 since last August.  It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.  Now, that being said. . . I have finished 9 UFOs but 8 of them are still in the quilting queue.  Only one of them is actually a completed quilt.  But, I'm counting it as progress none the less.

This is the next UFO out of hiding.  This is for you Janet - ha!  Originally I was going to make a bed sized quilt.  But, I've decided now to make it the size of my kitchen table.  It didn't really photograph well, maybe it's shy.


This post was delayed and since writing it I have finished quilting 3 more of the blocks.  It's a slow go but it's because it has been cold in the basement where my quilting frames are.   Now it's quite comfortable with the hotter outside temps.  I'll be down there a lot, I'm sure.

Current happenings

This is the most recent Cheddarback block.  The picture is a bit fuzzy - sorry.  It was a really difficult block to make with over 12 &...