Saturday, January 21, 2023

Moseying along this week

I finished the ring around the star, it took two arcs of 11 pieces and two arcs of 10 pieces.  So, the final piece has two solids together and two neutrals.

I decided I wanted a red star instead of a blue one so I made another.  I sewed the center block to the outside ring.  But, it just didn't have the feel that I was after.  I decided it was because of all the neutral pieces.  I wanted more color.

So, I cut some circles out of paper and began sewing from the center point out and trimming as I sewed along.  I like this a lot better with more color and more dark.  I think it contrasts well with the cheddar fabric as a background (or red or black - we'll see).  There is a really wonky one center front.  I thought about replacing it but then I decided to replace an offending fabric and leave it off center.  I want to make 12 to make a little bit larger than normal wall hanging. 

I took a picture of my sewing table because I couldn't believe how messy it was.  I don't usually sew like this - it's all very organized.  I'm getting a feel for the "sew n' go method".  It is fun.  I can see why so many of you just sew and plan as you go and if it doesn't work, something else will. . . 

I made two pies this week.  The one on the left is Toll House Pie.  It is pretty good but I made it so my granddaughter would eat some so I left out the nuts.  She has had about 3 pieces.  I had one skinny wedge.  It just isn't worth the calories without nuts in it.  The other pie is a cherry pie.  Who doesn't like cherry pie!?

My husband harvested some carrots this week.  He likes to take them to the neighbors all winter long.

This was an unusually good batch.  No scary or infested or unusable carrots in the whole batch.

It has been snowy and cold for weeks.  We now have a stretch of no snow and lower temps.  Look at this wren outside my window all puffed up to keep warm.  You'd think it was a robin but nope - it's a little house wren.

I saw this on one of my walks this week.  I just thought the colors were so pretty.  And a perfectly dried maple leaf.  


I was looking for a specific pattern this week and came across an article about Sarah Sporrer.  It was in  American Patchwork & Quilting February 2005.  I'm not very familiar with her work so I looked her up and found this delightful hare (along with lots of other pieces).  She does more primitive stuff and raw edge applique.  It was fun to learn about someone new.  

While I was quilting at the floor hoop in the living room yesterday I noticed my neighbor's front door and what looks like a pineapple decoration.  It probably isn't a pineapple but what I see is a star with a pineapple hanging beneath it.  Wouldn't that be fun to make?  I think it's really a sign with a tied ribbon hung on a nail - not nearly as interesting as a pineapple 😁

Well, I need to go make some lunch.  I thought I'd make a small batch of lasagna but the cottage cheese is no longer edible so, what to do with the Italian sausage. . . 


Monday, January 16, 2023

More or less

 Still working on my hand quilting project.

I'm over half done with this 20" block and I've decided that the center block is the only one that is getting echo quilting.  This is just too time consuming.  I'll do cross-hatch on the rest which will still take months but maybe not 9 months like it would if I continued as I am.😟

I am experimenting with  a interesting new project.

Click here to find out more.  I explained it in more detail on the improv blog.

I'm making lima bean and ham soup today.  The ham bone is from Christmas.  The house smells delightful.  I made Gingerbread with lemon frosting last night,  It's been years since I made gingerbread.  It doesn't make me think of the holidays so much as warm cozy times. 

 (We had a light snow last night.)

I went to a funeral last Saturday.  That always makes me pause and reflect.  I now only have one uncle (out of eight) that is still around.   Sigh~


Monday, January 9, 2023

New technique, puzzles, and snow

I've decided to do echo quilting around the center block.  I've never done such tight quilting before - it's a new experience and I'm on a learning curve.  I'm not sure I want to do this in every block but I really like this one so far.

My husband and I spent a contented day doing this puzzle.  It's called the Cozy Room.  

I love puzzles and would love to have a space to leave one up and just work on it a little each day.  It's so calming.  But, that wouldn't work around here because DH thinks once you start you can't leave till it's finished.  Sometimes, I have to walk away because I feel his intensity and I'm hurrying to keep up with him.  That's not why I puzzle.  I wouldn't say anything to him though. . . I'd rather have him there than not.

 We had enough snow for a snowman.  It's about time.


Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Last quilt and next quilt

I finally finished my "Home is Where You Are" quilt.  It is based on something my husband said to me while we were in Wisconsin for 18 months.  I was feeling a little homesick and he wasn't feeling as sad as I thought he should.  I wanted someone to sympathize with me.

I asked him one day if he didn't sometimes miss home and the kids and long for familiar things.

He was surprised by my question and stopped what he was doing.  He thought for a few moments and then he said, "No, I'm fine because home is where you are and you're here.

I put a 50th Anniversary label on it because that anniversary is coming up.  Hard to believe.  

I washed it and it had no bleeding at all.  What a blessing.

I saw two quilts this fall that I just loved.  They were both Wagon Wheel - type quilts.  I was absolutely enamored by  the color combinations and the use of cheddar with a dark background.  I made a large wagon wheel quilt about 8 years ago and while I was in the process of making it I knew I wanted to make another one.

This is the only picture I could find in my history. 

I found this on Instagram.  I should have written down where I found it but I didn't.  If you know, or if this is you, please tell me so I can give you credit.  It's a really poor picture but you get the idea.  Isn't the black background great on that wagon wheel quilt?  I just found her - it's hatcreekquilts.

The next picture is from Gone 2 the Beach blog, your can read all about it here.

I know, it's a terrible picture too but if you go to Lizzy's blog you can read all about it and see a full picture.  The cheddar fabric just dazzles me.

So, I've had this on my mind for a while and I was thumbing through an old magazine of my MIL's because it was on my sewing table.  It's dated 1984 and has about 30 different quilts and basic patterns in it.

I found the pattern for this little quilt and I think it would be just perfect made in the colors I want.  It's pretty cute in red, white, and blue too.

I haven't decided on the background color or the sashing but it's sure at the top of the list of quilts I want to make right now.

The other pattern in that little magazine that I want to make has a bird border that is fabulous.  

That reminds me, is there anyone out there that has the Cousins Walk pattern that would like to sell it to me.  I LOVE THAT QUILT!

I've got a new/old quilt in the hoop.  It is my version of "Love Letters" by Blackbird Designs.  It's going to take a while to quilt but it's January.  A perfect time to devote to a time consuming project.  AND, sitting under all that quilt makes me warm in the cool living room.  Winter is a perfect time to sit under a quilt and sew. 

We were gifted with an amazing snow storm on Sunday.  We got about 10 inches of heavy good snow.

And today the sky was just fabulous  with it's cloud and sunlight patterns.

Who said January was dismal and gray?  Just look up.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Ravens quilt top is done

This is Block #4 that I just finished Monday.  I added the little bird so there would be 12 blackbirds on the quilt or as my DIL says; "A Murder of Crows."

I finished this one last week.  It is Block # 7. It is one of my favorites.   I love the big full moon.  And the flower in the upper right matches the border.

 And here is the top completed.  It is a delightful quilt, such a fun design by Blackbird Designs.  And another "someday" quilt off of my bucket list.

I'm considering taking December off from quilting and just enjoy the baking and candy making and family.  I wonder how long I can stay out of the sewing room.  .  .  .

I've got company coming tomorrow so I need to motivate myself to clean and make a dessert.


Friday, November 4, 2022

Here you go

I realize Halloween is over but I'm continuing on by finishing these blocks.  I've done two in the last two weeks  Blocks 8 is on the left and Blocks 3 (which I am putting in the #9 spot) is on the right.  I only have two more blocks to go.

I know it isn't that noticeable in the pictures but the two seemingly identical black birds/ravens are done in four different black fabrics.


This one is done with a mottled black on the body and a stripe on the wing.

And this one is a script print on the body and a dotted piece on the wing.

I really enjoyed Gone2thebeach recent post.  You should go visit.  I love her cartwheel quilt.  I've seen a number of them this Halloween season.  I sure would like to make one with the lovely black background.  Yet another "wanna make quilt".

This is a table topper I started about 2003 and finally finished last year.  It has two of my blackbirds on top.  Yes, blackbirds are a staple at my house.

I put a quilt on my couch that has some autumn vibes to it.  I definitely need more fall themed decor.

I also put this falling leaves quilt on my kitchen table.  Don't worry, we take it off before we eat.

And speaking of falling leaves. . . I love it when we have a hard freeze which we did last night.  The English Walnut trees hold tight to their leaves until the temperatures plummet.

 And then they drop all their leaves at once.  It's like magic.


Saturday, October 22, 2022

I have been asked to make 200 cinnamon rolls for an upcoming party in December.  So, I made up one batch of my favorite recipe to see how long it would take (4 hrs.), how many it would make (75+), and if I could make them ahead - would they still taste fresh.  We'll see how they are fresh-wise tomorrow.

Rolls all put together and rising.

The problem is that I need to have these made for a breakfast.  I may need to stay up through the "wee small" hours to get them all done.  

My husband volunteered me for this.  Part of me feels complimented and part of me thinks it's a lot to ask.    Oh well, they are pretty yummy.

Here they are frosted and ready to eat.

 I finished block #1 for The Raven" quilt.  I've got five blocks done so far.  This is like a full time job.

We had a beautiful sunrise this morning before the big storm blew in.  Winter has pushed autumn aside and we're expecting snow.

 I put the picture in my header above.


Moseying along this week

I finished the ring around the star, it took two arcs of 11 pieces and two arcs of 10 pieces.  So, the final piece has two solids together a...