Thursday, September 30, 2021

Gift giving dilemma

 I gave a quilt to my cousins yesterday.  On the way back home she sent me this picture.

You can see the red and white backing showing through and she said, "It looks like a stained glass window."  She seemed pleased.

I thought, " this was supposed to be a bed quilt. . . sigh"

I texted back, "if you safety pin a sheet on the back it will protect the quilt from the sunlight."

"Great idea," she said.

Once you give a quilt away it is no longer yours and you just have to be happy that the recipient wants to use it.  But, if I'd known it was going up to a window I probably wouldn't have hand quilted it. 


Monday, September 20, 2021

Next block finished


The Pomegranate block from 'When the Wind Blows is all ready to be machine appliqued. 

I loved doing this block.  There are 3 dots that go on each of the solid dark pomegranates on either side that I'll do after the machine work is done.

Karen at has just completed her pomegranate block too.  It is so delightful - all done in oranges.  Go here to see.

My husband brought in a bouquet of Dahlias.  Aren't they beautiful?

I got out some decorations for fall today.  It makes me laugh because fall always gets decorated with Jo Morton quilts from Little Women 11.  They just make everything look like Autumn.


Sunday, September 12, 2021

Kale block all prepped

 for machine embroidery.  I've prepped 7 of the 9 blocks so far.

It took me almost two weeks to get this block done.  It isn't because it is hard to assemble, it just takes so much time for me to make my fabric choices and color decisions.  It turned out kind of busy but it looks great with the other 6 blocks.

I'm looking forward to starting the next block which is the Pomegranate.  

This quilt is turning out to be quite a project.  But it's going to be gorgeous someday.

My new goal is to be more optimistic. After the solemn and sad memorials from 9-11 yesterday I'm ready to look up.   I'm sure there's a lot of good and pleasant things still in the world.  All I have to do is just be consciously looking for them or I'll miss out.


Saturday, September 4, 2021

Just checkin' in

I finally got started on another block for When The Wind Blows by Blackbird Designs  It is the Holly Block.  I've auditioned numerous fabrics on this block and have had to reject them after they are cut.  It just didn't look right.  I've got 3 more stems to press and then I can start applying everything.  This is block # 7 (although #5, the center, hasn't been made yet).  This block goes in the lower left.

Still working every afternoon on Sweet Land of Liberty.  I've been surprised that I can work on this all afternoon and my wrist doesn't hurt.  Now, if I put this in the frames and start quilting on it, I would only last about 90 minutes.  I think there is more small hoop quilting in my future.

 I can't remember if I posted about this or not.  It is from the pattern "Plaidish" by Kitchen Table Quilting.  The free pattern is here.  It was such a fun little quilt to make.  I learned a lot about value in this quilt.  There are pieces that I considered light that were probably medium etc.  

I also found another free pattern that I am anxious to make.  It is at Butterfly Threads Quilting/Diane Knott.  And you can find that pattern here.  I'm sure most of you have seen these patterns already but they are new to me and I really like them.

We had a very cool night last night.  September usually teases me into thinking summer is gone and then just when I am convinced, it gets hot again.  So we'll see how this plays out this year.


Wheel Quilt completed

I completed my Wheels quilt.  It's hard to see because it is hanging in my hall and the lighting is very poor.  But, it looks terrific. ...