Monday, October 18, 2021

It appears I can be talked into anything

This could be considered a squirrel project but since it's my granddaughter's and not mine - I'm not counting it as such.  I was planning on beginning the machine applique for my "Love Letters" quilt top when I suggested to my granddaughter that we do a Halloween decoration together.

I bought the small Kitty Corn panel and a few pieces of fabric from the line, thinking we would make a wall hanging.  

Silly me, it tuned out not to be a little afternoon craft project.  

No, she came over with a plan to make a whole quilt.

These are the fabrics from the Kitty Corn line that I bought to go with the panel - the orange check, the green dot, and the mauvey candy corn print.  I picked out some pieces from my stash and she and her mother went shopping for something with a light background and came home with four more fabrics and a backing.

It seemed that this franken-batting was appropriate for a Halloween quilt.

So I trimmed down the panel to a 23" square and then added the black border so it measured 24 1/2".  I cut out 6 1/2" squares from all our fabrics and then we began sewing.

 I finished it up today and here it is layered and ready to pin baste.  the piece of fabric that surprised me is the peach colored one.  It is from my stash and it really adds a sparkle to the quilt.

My granddaughter wanted me to hand quilt it and with everything else that is going on I told her that I couldn't complete it by Halloween so she has settle for "Blind Tying".  Not my first choice but I haven't been in control of this project from the beginning.😁

But, we're making memories right?

Tuesday, October 12, 2021


This is what I woke up to.  Isn't it gorgeous.  The whole eastern sky was engorged with colors like this.

We had a hard freeze warning for today so that meant it was time to harvest whatever was left and bring it inside.  My husband and daughter picked the corn that was ripe enough to use.  If  it froze at the end of October like it usually does, we would have had two more weeks for the corn to ripen.  But, snow was coming and during a drought like we've had, I wasn't going to complain about some long needed moisture.

They also picked all the peppers in varying states of ripening.  Actually, all the green peppers you see in the picture are unripened red peppers not bell peppers so the flavor was minimal.  But, I had enough for my goal of making corn relish, one of my favorite things.

The dahlias are in bloom and some of the blossoms got knocked off as they were brought in to winter in the garage.

I got all the peppers washed and chopped as well as the onions.  The funny thing about the purple peppers is that they look beautiful when raw and they have a wonderful crunch but, there is no flavor.  It's kind of disappointing.  We won't be buying that variety again.

My husband and daughter husked the corn.  My husband says "husked" and I say "shucked".  I guess it's just where we were raised.  What do you say?

Then the ears were scalded and dipped in icy water.

Soon, the corn was cut off the ears (my least favorite part).

And everything was mixed together to boil i.e. corn, onions, peppers, spices, vinegar, sugar, pickling salt, and a little water.

Then I put it the hot relish in 7 pts and processed them.  Lids are hard to come by this year and I had saved a few for just this very purpose.  The pints aren't as pretty as last year because I had less red pepper and it's not quite as flavorful as last year because I didn't have any green bell pepper.  But, I'm so grateful to have these 7 pts.  I'm going to really enjoy the relish as the year proceeds.

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