Sunday, February 14, 2021

Heart Day

Taken at Santa Monica Beach 1946

                           Today is the 75th Wedding Anniversary of by parents;  Bill and Colleen

It was always a special day at our house because we all got to celebrate.  My dad would buy those little heart shaped boxes that have chocolates in them.  Then he would take out the chocolates and fill them with M&Ms, take them secretly outside and place them on the porch, ring the doorbell, and run.  You remember kicking Valentines?  Anyway, we would run to the door, find our heart, and the fact that Dad was coming in the backdoor at the same time never clicked.  

Hope your day is nice and that you'll be able to hug the one's you love.


I had a friend that called this "Single Awareness Day".  But I think it's for everybody because we all love someone.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Antique quilts, suppositions, and Maxfield Parrish

 I am still going through papers and pictures I have inherited.  Look what I found today.

I found an inventory of household goods that had to be sold to pay off debts from my great great grandfather  Daniel N. Davidson 1821-1893.  He lived in Hendricks County Indiana.

In the picture above, about 1/2 way down you can see 12 quilts listed  with 10 Comforts above and 9 sheets below.  (a goodly amount of bedding)  Also, if you look across the page, the quilts are valued at $4.00 and sold at $2.00.  GASP!

This was back in a time when only men owned property and so it seems that my poor great great grandmother had all her household goods sold out from under her.   The list also included a cook stove, lamps, bedsteads, a sewing machine, clocks, tables, and a rocker. (Lots of other things. . . . )
(Just realized my great great grandmother died two years earlier.  Makes me feel a lot better than she didn't have to loose all her possessions.)

In this picture of the list is 1 organ.  It wasn't sold.  I'm not sure why it wasn't sold but it makes me wonder if there were other things that were not sold or not on this list.  I don't know how heavy-handed those making the decisions were about what she could keep or what needed to be sold.  It could just be that nobody wanted it as it was valued at $10.00

Anyway, I have inherited that organ and it is pictured below.

Oh, I just noticed there is a small "x" penciled in next to the word organ.  As I looked down the list there is a small  "x" next to Comforts and next to the Quilts and at the very bottom of the list next to the Gold Watch.  Hmmmmm?

I do have an old Indigo and white feathered star quilt that I have wondered if this great great grandmother made it.  I think it would have been made during her lifetime.  
Elizabeth Dent Davidson 1830-1891

There are so many things to learn from old papers and photos but usually they create more questions as well as answering the original ones.


Today we had a morning sky right out of a Maxfield Parrish painting.  Quite lovely~


Friday, February 5, 2021

Closer to being done and aching joints

 I've been working on the Comfort & Joy quilt since November.  I finished the inner part today.

It's smaller than I was expecting at 47 1/2" X 62".

It needs a border and the one on the pattern has more applique.  Between hand sewing in long stretches and the side-effects of my Covid shot,  my hands are really sore.  Well. . . . all my joints are sore.  So this little quilt isn't going to get an appliqued border.  

One idea is to sew three borders on it.  First a stop border, then a border of 2 1/2" assorted squares of the fabrics used in the middle, and then a larger border of the same fabric as the stop border.  I was hoping to use up my box of Christmas scraps from my mother's 90's stash but you know how that goes!  I think I have more than I had when I started - ha!

I don't have any pieces of fabric that are large enough for the border so I'll have to do some shopping.  I was going to go find some today but I've got a fever so I figured I better stay away from others.

I had Covid in June.  I've heard those that have had Covid 19 have a more difficult time with side effects from the vaccine. My son, who is a teacher, says the teachers that he works with, that had Covid, are having a harder time.  Not good news but it helps to know what to expect, I guess.


Wheel Quilt completed

I completed my Wheels quilt.  It's hard to see because it is hanging in my hall and the lighting is very poor.  But, it looks terrific. ...