Saturday, August 8, 2020

Have a happy Saturday

 I have been trying to use up scraps.  

Usually I find some fabric I really can't live without 😏 and plan a project around it.  Well, I've been doing that long enough that I have lots of scraps.  

I seldom put small cuts in a scrap bag or box.  I fold the pieces up with the fabric so the next time I get it out for something I can cut up the smallest pieces first and then cut into the yardage.

It was time to try and use up some more of those scraps

I've been wanting to make a 16 patch block out of the florals I've amassed.  I made dresses and blouses for my two daughters through the years and I've made a few for myself.  It was past time to use them up.

So I made what turned out to be a 36 patch block and finished putting the top together yesterday.

It's not fancy at all.  In fact, the blocks don't necessarily go together but it looks like a homey comfy quilt that someone could lay across and get lost in Anne of Green Gables or Nancy Drew for an afternoon.

It is just going to be a utility quilt but someone will enjoy the soft colored sashing and sweet mood of the quilt when I get it quilted.

I've been working on my low volume quilt (who's name changes weekly).  I really like how the quilting is transforming the design without over-shadowing it.

I thought I was moving right along and would be finished with the quilting soon.  I counted up the finished blocks the other night and I only have 11 out of 20 done.  

I'm still working on compiling my assorted journals.  I'm up to 2002 so while it's taking forever. . .   I am making progress.  It's been bittersweet reliving the romances and weddings of my older children, one of which is now married to someone else.  It has been really draining to recall my loved ones deaths.  

I've tried to be honest and not edit out parts of the journals that show me in an less-than- desirable light but it has happened on occasion.  There are just certain things that don't need to be passed down 😁

The garden is at it's peak.

I've already bottled green beans and pickled beets.  I'm getting busy on the tomatoes (8 quarts yesterday) and pickles. The peaches are starting to ripen.  

Quilting time will be shorter for the next few weeks.


Saturday, August 1, 2020

The baton has been passed

Just wanted to share a picture of a very happy granddaughter.  It was her 10th birthday last week and her mother wanted to get her a "real" sewing machine.  My granddaughter had a child's sewing machine that was really difficult to get to work but she determinedly would make little things.  There aren't many sewing machines to choose from right now.  I'm assuming it's because not as many have been made with the Covid situation and we've also had worldwide shipping bans.

I had my mother's little Singer Featherweight downstairs, 1946 model.  It hadn't been touched in over 20 years and probably more like 40 years.  But, my daughter took it in to a local lady who services Featherweights and for $55 my granddaughter got a 'real' machine that will last her a good long time.

Although my mother has been gone for 21 years I'm sure she's pleased to know a great granddaughter is gratefully receiving this legacy.


Wheel Quilt completed

I completed my Wheels quilt.  It's hard to see because it is hanging in my hall and the lighting is very poor.  But, it looks terrific. ...