Thursday, January 30, 2020

It's the 30th

Well. . . . .

One of the things Alice found as she fell down the rabbit hole was a map on one of the shelves along the sides of the hole.  I thought that might be fun to include in the quilt.  The only map fabric I had was of the United States in a muted color.  I decided to use it anyway and choose fabrics that might accent it.

I used the flowers and leaves from Block #4.  I embroidered the narrow vines instead of appliqueing them.

From the get-go this block had a life of it's own.

I'm not sure it really goes with the rest of the Alice Jane Blue/Celebrating Mary Brown blocks but it's done and I'm moving on.

Be sure and check out the others that are participating in this Celebrating Mary Brown SAL.  And if you'd like to join along just contact Karen at Log Cabin Quilter.

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Cathy B. at Big Lake Quilter
Nanette at Do it right Quilter
 Rebecca at Quilting in a Polar Bear Garden
and Jan who also shows her work with Nanette.

Until next month,

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Swoon 16, Blitzen, and the best news of all

I had a 2-day retreat with my quilt group.  So I decided to cut up a Swoon 16 quilt that I've had the fabric for since the winter of 2013-2014.  I'm always scanning the computer for the upcoming fabric lines.  This is Blintzen by BasicGrey and I just couldn't get it out of my mind.

Image result for blitzen by basicgrey for moda

So I ordered a FQ stack and had it sent to my daughter (I was away from home in Wisconsin at the time).  When I returned home she had spread it out on my ironing board in the sewing room and petted it while we looked at it.

She loved it because of the colors and the fact that there are snowmen in it - her favorite thing.  You can see a sliver of the dark gray and green colorway of the snowmen above.

I cut out the 16 blocks but only got one made at the retreat.

 *Note to self - if I decide to start another quilt at a retreat, make up one block at home to familiarize myself with it's construction.

It's a 16" block so it's a little forgiving in the construction.  Thanks goodness!

Here is my stack so far.  I have been working on it all week.  There are 13 in the stack and I've made one more since the picture.  That only leaves 2 more blocks to make.  I'm hoping to do that this afternoon.

This is one of the completed block.  I hope the sashing I have picked out will make these blocks shine.

I saved the best for last.  We have a new grandson.  He arrived three weeks early   The above picture was taken a little while after he was born.  Mom had a rough time getting him here.  He only weighed 5 lbs. and was 17 1/2" long.  It's easy to see how small he is in the arms of my youngest son below.

What a blessing,

Monday, January 20, 2020

Definitely a squirrel!!!

I have had this group of fabrics stacked in a corner for a long time.  I keep thinking I am going to make an applique something out of them.  They are subdued a little and some of them are kind of ugly but I like them anyway.  Not my usual palette at all.

Yesterday I went to the Friends of Cheri facebook group and saw that they were having a January SAL and the chosen quilt by Cheri Payne is called January Quilt Sharing.

I couldn't stop thinking about it and so I gathered my little stack and sewed this sweet quilt together today.  It measures 24" X 27".  It's interesting to see how the solid squares stand out in the photo because they fade into the background in real life with the plus signs being more dominant.

I'm glad I could experiment with this fabric pull before I committed to a larger project.  I like it.  But, I think I would get tired of it if I made a bed sized quilt.

Hope you were able to stitch today,

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


I love this cricket playing pool background fabric

I finished making the January blocks for the Cheddarback quilt.  It was quite a feat because some of the blocks were really time consuming.  I had to be so careful.

The 5/8" border is sewn on but not attached to the sashing.

And then there was the above block that went together beautifully and was exactly 5 1/4" square when I was finished.  It supposed to be 5 1/2" inches.  I didn't want to make it again so I cut four - 5/8" strips to put around it.  Then when I sewed it to the sashing, it left 1/8" border all the way around.  It isn't noticeable at all unless you're looking for it.

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I chose this background.  I love the background of the original block but I didn't have anything like it.  This quilt is going to be eclectic for sure.

The fourth small block went together easily, thank goodness.

Then I made the large block for January which included a lot of paper pieced flying geese.  It would have been so much easier to have cut it and sewed it individually but that wasn't what the instructions were.  I sewed and sewed and guess what?  It wasn't the right size either.  It was too small.  Now, you may say that I took bigger 1/4" seams and perhaps that is the case, but why do all my other blocks for the past year turn out okay and it is just this month that they are too small?

I stretched the block to fit the sashing.  The sashing ripples now.  It will quilt out but for right now it doesn't look good - hence no picture.

It makes me nervous about what the next months blocks are going to be like.

I love this quilt and I will slog through regardless how the next few month's blocks turn out.

I still appreciate Gay doing this BOM.  I'm sure it's frustrating to her too.


Saturday, January 4, 2020

Merrily we roll along

#1   I finished this quilt in early January 2019.  I had almost finished it by Christmas 2018 but not quite.

On my bed

So, after waiting 11 months I excitedly put it on my bed at the beginning of December and it just wasn't right.  I couldn't sleep comfortably under it.  I loved it but something was amiss.

I offered Christmas quilts to my youngest son and this is one of the ones he picked out.  It went where it was supposed to go.  He was thrilled.

On my son's bed

#2   I finally quilted this little quilt.  It is so simple but still quite festive.  It is a pattern by Cheri Payne.

#3   After removing the top and bottom border I finished quilting this quilt started in 2015.

It had that wide red border on all four sides and it was just too much

                                                     It was given to one of my DILs.

#4   I made a universe quilt for the only one of my grandchildren that didn't have a quilt made by grandma.  He was lucky, he got to pick out the fabric - the rest had to just take what they were given.

#5   I quilted this bunny quilt from 2014.  It is a pattern by Jan Patek.  I quilted it in time for Easter and it went up on the wall.  Such a cute springy quilt.

#6   Here is my map challenge from AHIQ.  It is a map of the a mile square in Logan, Cache, Utah with buttons on it for each Swiss/German speaking family from the 1910 Census.

#7   I quilted the wheel of fortune quilt for a friend.  Wish I had a better picture of this quilt because it really is a pretty one with the broderie perse around the outside.

#8   I finally quilted my Baskets, Berries, and Leaves quilt.  The pattern is by Jan Patek and Alma Allen.

This has been hanging around in my closet for a long time.  I love the way it turned out.

#9   I repaired and finished quilting this Grandmother's garden quilt for my SIL.

#10   I quilted the Zip a dee doo dah quilt and donated it to Quilts without borders.

#11   I finished quilting this cute little star quilt that has been waiting since 2008.  It was given to another one of my DILs. (I have 5 of them)

That is eleven quilts completed last year.  I usually only get about 6 done so this feels good.  Many of them were vintage UFO's.  That felt good too.


Wheel Quilt completed

I completed my Wheels quilt.  It's hard to see because it is hanging in my hall and the lighting is very poor.  But, it looks terrific. ...