Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Ravens quilt top is done

This is Block #4 that I just finished Monday.  I added the little bird so there would be 12 blackbirds on the quilt or as my DIL says; "A Murder of Crows."

I finished this one last week.  It is Block # 7. It is one of my favorites.   I love the big full moon.  And the flower in the upper right matches the border.

 And here is the top completed.  It is a delightful quilt, such a fun design by Blackbird Designs.  And another "someday" quilt off of my bucket list.

I'm considering taking December off from quilting and just enjoy the baking and candy making and family.  I wonder how long I can stay out of the sewing room.  .  .  .

I've got company coming tomorrow so I need to motivate myself to clean and make a dessert.


Friday, November 4, 2022

Here you go

I realize Halloween is over but I'm continuing on by finishing these blocks.  I've done two in the last two weeks  Blocks 8 is on the left and Blocks 3 (which I am putting in the #9 spot) is on the right.  I only have two more blocks to go.

I know it isn't that noticeable in the pictures but the two seemingly identical black birds/ravens are done in four different black fabrics.


This one is done with a mottled black on the body and a stripe on the wing.

And this one is a script print on the body and a dotted piece on the wing.

I really enjoyed Gone2thebeach recent post.  You should go visit.  I love her cartwheel quilt.  I've seen a number of them this Halloween season.  I sure would like to make one with the lovely black background.  Yet another "wanna make quilt".

This is a table topper I started about 2003 and finally finished last year.  It has two of my blackbirds on top.  Yes, blackbirds are a staple at my house.

I put a quilt on my couch that has some autumn vibes to it.  I definitely need more fall themed decor.

I also put this falling leaves quilt on my kitchen table.  Don't worry, we take it off before we eat.

And speaking of falling leaves. . . I love it when we have a hard freeze which we did last night.  The English Walnut trees hold tight to their leaves until the temperatures plummet.

 And then they drop all their leaves at once.  It's like magic.


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