Thursday, July 26, 2018

Joe the Quilter on the History Blog today

The Beamish foundation in Northern England has constructed Joe the Quilter's cottage from the remains that were excavated. 

Interesting 15 min video here.

Go check it out.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Unrelated thoughts and projects

I decided I wanted to do something different - instead of the fish weathervane block for the Sweet land of Liberty quilt.  I have the SLOL liberty pattern but have inadvertantly misplaced the fish block (along with the remembrance embroidery block).  I like the fish block.  It has a bit of whimsy that I can identify with.  But, I wanted to add some more words to the song, so this is the block that I came up with.

I found a sheet of Cheri's lettering.  I don't know if I found it on her facebook page with all the free patterns or if it came with the SLOL pattern but I used those letters to stitch this line from the "My Country tis of Thee" song.

I'm pleased with how it turned out.  The tree trunk looks a little like the mast of a ship and the flag is the right shape to be on  a golf course.  But, I'm satisfied and since it's all stitched down. . . it must be finished.

I sewed the two blocks for July together and finished appliquing the tree branches.  Now on to finishing up other projects. . .

Or not!

My quilt group is having a scrap quilt challenge for the next 6 months.   I have my small scraps sorted in these bins from Costco.    So, I thought I would start with them.

I got out the bin with the red fabric in it first.

I've decided to make 179 nine-patches to make this little quilt.  It will be something easy to work on for a few moments at a time.  I have finished 38 red nine patches, 2 green ones, and am working on the blue next.  Those 2 green patches sneaked in because the fabric was in the wrong bin.  This is kind of like a leader-ender project.  I have till December to finish.

I mentioned (in an earlier post) that my friends husband had died unexpectedly.  I've wondered if she will try and make something in his memory when the shock wears off.  Losing someone or a pet can really leave a void in our lives and it's so comforting to spend time making something in their memory while we are grieving.

When our son David died at age 3 1/2 ( he would be 34 if he were still alive) I wanted to keep my hands busy with a significant project.  I wasn't into quilting yet but I was into cross stitch.  This is the project I chose to do.

Maybe some of you remember this pattern from the 80's.  It had a matching little girl with a tea set.

It was a comfort to make and has been a comfort to view and remember our sweet little boy.

I hope my friend can find some solace in working on something to keep her husbands memory alive.

This is a picture of my closet with the tops waiting to be quilted.  I think I counted 17 on the hangers and there are 3 tops on boxes underneath.  Sigh~

I still think they're great (except maybe that green one on the right) and want to finish them.  I guess it's a good dilemma.  I could have nothing to do and no fabric to play with.  That's much more discouraging than having this closet full.


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Stem replacement, new quilt on the frames, and rising sun blocks

Original block with red floral stems

I finished replacing the stems on this unusual block for the Roseville Quilt.  I actually like the look of the brown stems better.  I don't know why I didn't just make them brown to begin with - like all the rest of the blocks.  This took far longer than it needed to because of all the interruptions.  It took me days and days.  Now on to the tree I need to replace.  See here for the full story.

Block with replaced brown stems

I was able to put my "Grandma's Kitchen" quilt on the frames yesterday.  It's made from the "Farm girl Vintage" pattern.  I'm quilting it using a big stitch with crochet cotton #12.  I want to finish it for a Christmas gift.  I should have plenty of time.  Better picture below.

My friend had a quilt retreat at her house for three days last week.  I managed to put together this top with my hand-pieced rising sun blocks. (A LOT OF UNPICKING) I love the fabric for the sashing.  It is an American Jane fabric by Sandy Klop.  Now, on to the border that will have words in it.

I was trying to duplicate this quilt .

I used a line from 2002 by Deb Strain called Saltbox Farm.  The little wooly fabric was used for the cornerstones.

A good quilting friend lost her husband yesterday.  Her whole life will be different from now on.  She won't be able to keep up her big house and the acre of land by herself.  It makes me so sad and also reminds me I need to makes plans so I will be prepared if this happens to me someday.


It appears I can be talked into anything

This could be considered a squirrel project but since it's my granddaughter's and not mine - I'm not counting it as such.  I was...