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Evenings and P-day

I wanted to do a project that I could just pick up and work on when I had a few minutes here in Wisconsin.  We've been here almost 8 months and this is what I have to show for my down time.

I finished all 25 of my Old Maid's Patience blocks containing 100 Lemoyne stars and so many "Y" seams that I can't count them all.  The blocks are all hand-pieced (sigh).

This isn't a quilt that SHOUTS out to you "Look at Me!"  And that is exactly what I wanted.

Can't you just see this on a bed in a loft ?

Maybe it could be used on the back of a slip-covered sofa . . .

or on a porch swing~ 
 It is about 86" square.   I don't think it needs a border, I'm going to bind it with one of the leftover blues or maybe the gold.

I wanted a red, white, and blue feel but  I also wanted to update it a little from the 1860 quilt it is patterned after.  So I used a Lakehouse white on white pindot for the alternating squares.

 I'm not sure how I want to qu…