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I love to Quilt

I just reread this post on the Repro Quilter blog.

I enjoyed reading it again and was reminded that it's okay to love my craft.  I've decided to stop feeling guilty about my stash and just enjoy it.

 I often feel like I need to cull my pattern and book collection.  But, sometimes when I can't do much actual quilting (like right now) I gain so much satisfaction and pleasure by getting the patterns out and renewing the desire to make those special quilts.

As long as I'm making forward progress in my quiltmaking it doesn't matter if I never get around to quilting all my tops.  The joy I gained by sewing them is the important thing to me.

There's a part of me that doesn't want my children to have to figure out what to do with my treasured cloth and sewing when I'm gone.  That's just downright silly and a terrible way to exist (not to mention depressing).

I can hardly wait to get back to my sewing studio, breathe in all the color and clutter, and just de…

If I could own a quilt store. . .

We were out delivering a vacuum and checking on car monitoring systems in Madison.  Sun Prairie Wisconsin was just 15 min. out of our way so I convinced my good husband to go there so I could go to J. J. Stitches quilt store.  It was mentioned in a Quilt Sampler magazine earlier in the century and I never forgot about it.

I was so thrilled to see everything.  Isn't the quote on the wall great?  The store was just full of the kind of fabric I am drawn to. It is a must for anyone who loves all things CW.

I'm not even sure what was in the back rooms (I think it must be 1930's because they have it on their website) but I was enchanted by the selection and the volume.

Oh wait, one of the rooms was full of wool.

And it couldn't have been more perfect.  When I am home I like to spend Saturday mornings in my sewing studio and I usually have the radio on the classical station. 
It was Saturday and  J. J. Stitches had classical music from NPR playing softly. 

I was in a stat…

More and more

We went to Shawano County again.  We took a car up to a dealership and needed to be in Green Bay the next day.  So, Wednesday we left the office early because the computers were down and there was nothing to do, and we drove to Blondel.

We took a different road than we had before and were able to see many new barn blocks at every turn almost.

This block was hard to get a picture of because it was right next to a busy road in the middle of town.  I had to take the picture out of the window as we drove by.  It didn't turn out too badly except for the fence - sigh.

This was a unique block for two reasons.  One is it's a horse which you don't see many of in dairy country.

And two, because it was actually a horse farm not a dairy.

 These two blocks show a problem all too many beginning quiltmakers have and that is a lack of contrast.  Pretty blocks though, I like the churndash hidden in the one below.

Isn't this one sweet?  I have thought about making a quilt with some of …

More barn blocks from Shawano Co. Wisconsin

This barn was so pretty with it's soft yellow color and the sun shining on it. 

As you can see the sun was low in the sky so I either got shadows like on this sweet block

Or the color faded out because of the intense brightness like this block.

This cute block was on a building at the fairgrounds in Elkhorn Wisconsin.
This week we go to West Bend and Madison.  Hopefully, we will be able to see a few more blocks but at least we will see more or this hidden treasure of a state.