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Baraboo and 55 rabbits

Here is a quick peek at my Baraboo quilt.  These colors are just so fun to see as I sew them together.  These are 5 of the colors that will be circles in the quilt.  I have 10 more.

Easter seems to have exploded at my house.  I set out some of the Easter decorations and it looks like I'm in a gift store.  I should make more of an effort  to display things creatively but I probably won't.

My mama rabbit with her seven little baby bunnies.  The ceramic bunny on the left is so adorable, she stands on a penny.

Seven crocheted bunnies in potteryware from Seagrove, North Carolina.  My oldest daughter made these for me last year while we were in Wisconsin.  I had them in the supply room but I didn't display them out for anyone else to see.  So cute. . .

My Roberta doll dressed in a similar Easter dress that I wore in the 1960's.  My hair was short and my mom tried to keep it curled including those dreaded permanents but my straight hair always won out.

This is still a flimsy…

Sweet peaceful day

Still plugging along on Birds of a Feather.  You can see the top border in the upper left hand corner so I'm getting closer to being done.  I was looking in my fabric closet for my grandmother's partially crocheted bedspread and I found a box marked bindings which I had forgotten about (because I was gone for 18 mos).  Inside was the binding I had set aside for this quilt.  I love it when things like this happen.  I didn't even have to go hunting for it!

I've decided I don't do things fast any more.  My mother used to accuse me of working in low gear.

The Baraboo quilt is coming together.  I've been seeing a lot of circle quilts in blog land the last few months and I decided to join the throng.  Go here and here from Audrey at Quilty Folk Blog and here  from Kathy's Quilts blog to see some of them. I bought the dotted stripe years ago not knowing what I would do with it but loving it all the same.  I purchased fabrics that pick up all the colors of the s…

I am feeling a bit saintly. . .

or maybe just smug because I have only purchased 1 yd. of fabric since October.  It feels so good to see some of the stacks of fabric go down.  Perhaps I'll be able to fit everything into my sewing room at the rate I'm going.

And then my sister hired an organizer to help her clear out stuff she doesn't use or need and I received 2 large boxes of fabric.  So, I guess my fabric non-purchases have left room for some of this.

One box contains Christmas fabric, chicken fabric (I really thought I was done with chicken fabric), lots of unmatched FQs, a quilt all cut out and in progress, and even some clown fabric.

The second box is lots of CWs.  It has FQ medlies, 1/2 yd shirtings, pieces over a yard long.  It's all lovely and I'm tickled to have it.

As I rounded the corner I noticed the light dancing in the living room. The little anniversary clock was sending rainbows all around the walls.  There was just a sliver of sunlight peeking between the wall and the curtain but…

Done, done, and done

I finished the "Block in the Spotlight" quilt top yesterday.  I didn't really know how it was going to turn out because I made it up as I went.  I think it needs a 3" or 4" blue border to repeat the center and other border and I have enough fabric (Wiscasset by Minnick & Simpson) but I was ready to call it a day so it is neatly folded and in the bottom drawer of the downstairs dresser.  It turned out busy but quite delightful, I think.

We drove to Cache Valley on Thursday to visit my cousins.  It was great to finally see some snow along the way.

This is a picture of the Weber valley (I think that's what it's called) looking toward Ben Lomond.

And here we are in Mantua, a lovely little community nestled in a corner of Sardine Canyon.

While we were eating lunch this beautiful male pheasant perched itself upon my cousin's shed roof.  And then it posed long enough to be photographed.  Such rich colors.  His head is in the shade or it would be a bea…

Fast, I'm not!

I finished hand piecing the center for the 'Block in the Spotlight' quilt.  I thought I would just whip it up but it has taken me over a month to hand piece the diamonds and then assemble and applique the hexagon units.  I think it turned out lovely though.  I am using numerous lines by Minick & Simpson.

I have been really nervous about the distortion from all those bias edges, especially the long ones on the center star.  So, I pin basted it to another piece of yardage to stabilize it while I work on the inner border and then sewing on the outside blocks.  I notice a little bit of stretching on the outside gold diamonds.  But it isn't much.

I probably should have starched it but I always think I can get away without going the extra step and so far - so good.

I managed to get 3 more outside blocks done the past two days.  OOPS!  I put the heart block out for the picture and that isn't one of the new ones.

I made a bowtie border around this block and didn't lik…