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Weekly report~

I finished basting two more applique blocks.  These blocks are 28 1/2" square so it not only uses big pieces of fabric but it takes a while to get it all prepped.

 I also pieced many of the many of the backgrounds.  The one above looks busy but when the other blocks with that sampler background are put together - it won't stand out so much

Here they are spread out on the grass.  The oak leaf is going to be challenging with all those curves in the leaves.  I think I applique it first to get it over with.  I might save the hedge apple till last because it looks so easy with the circles.  It will be my reward for appliqueing the harder pieces.

I also started the cute little quilt called "Farm Vintage". My fabric arrived this week (Pam Kitty Garden) and so I began with the chick.

I don't have the legs or eye embroidered yet.  The sweet yellow fabric has cute little pink birds holding umbrellas.

The red print in this star block has cows in it.  The piece is from my …

Pompions, pie, and the Sanderson Star Quilt

"For pottage, and puddings, and custards, and pies,
Our pumpkins and parsnips are common supplies.
We have pumpkins at morning and pumpkins at noon:
If it were not for pumpkins, we should be undoon."

Pumpkins or "pompions" were a standby of the early New England Settlements.

This is the quilt on the frames and it's putting me into a fall-like mood.  I'm really enjoying the hand quilting using black and orange 12 wt. thread and big stitches.  Although my big stitches should really be called big spaces because I haven't quite got the rhythm going yet.

Because I'm thinking about fall and the temps are in the 50's I decided to make a pie out of the sweet potatoes I bought.  I thought I was buying yams, which I love, but I ended up with 5 sweet potatoes and neither DH or I are fond of them.

So, I pulled out the 1940's cookbook and made Sweet Potato Pie.  The partial recipe is above.  Doesn't the Pumpkin Pie with cream and POOLS OF HONEY above…

Robin & Ruby update

I tried the fried polenta last night.  The best part of it was the maple syrup.  Won't try that again.

Finally on the frames

I finally have my version of Hallowe'en 1904 by Blackbird Designs on the quilting frames.  I had to get my applique project off of the sewing table so I could piece the back.  More on that later.

I spent a good 2 hrs. crawling around the backing smoothing it - spreading out the batting smoothing it - then spreading the top and crawling around pin basting.  Who says quilting ISN'T an aerobic exercise?

This is the backing.  I found it for a steal a few years ago.  It seemed like the perfect backing to use. It's by Thimbleberries.

My oldest daughter in all her silliness - made me this mermaid for Mother's Day.  Isn't she Great?!!

 I've named her Merleen.  I knew a sweet young thing when I was a girl with that name although I spelled it differently.  It makes me laugh everytime I look at her.

The applique project I started had pieces all over and so I collected them and basted them into place so they wouldn't get lost before I could sew the backing together.


Sauntering into a new project

Here are the fabrics I've selected for the next project.  I pre-washed and pressed them all this morning.  I bought the pinks and teals in "Ye Olde School House in Cedarburg Wisconsin.  It's an amazing store, I just wish I could find them on the internet. I bought the teals at Primitive Gatherings in Menasha Wisconsin.

I am going to make this quilt  - the squares are 28" - big pieces.  It is from the book below.  It calls for 9 1/2" of jumbo rick rack which I am considering.  It also calls for Rit tan dye.  I can't find anywhere what you're supposed to do with the dye.  I guess I need to check the pickledish site for updates. (I did and couldn't find any corrections or explanations etc.)

 Nice shot of my cutting mat don't you think?  It ties in with the aquas in the fabrics rather nicely - ha!

 I have four fat quarters of the sampler prints from Rhubarb and Ginger by Blackbird Designs.  It is from many years ago but this seems like the perfect q…