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A goulash kind of day

Goulash - an eclectic and uncoordinated mixture of something.

It is time for garden goulash.  It's a dish my mother-in-law made every summer.  It starts out with too many tomatoes from the garden simmered with hamburger, onions, green peppers, chilies, green beans, corn cut off the cob, sliced zucchini, and any other vegetable that might be over producing in your garden.  Spice it up with chili powder, smoked paprika, basil, garlic powder (salt & pepper) etc. etc. and serve it over fluffy rice.

I make it about 3 times a summer when the produce is piling up on my counter and I'm looking for something easy that lasts a few meals.

I'm trying to catch up on my labeling.  I made four labels today.

One for the Thomas Ross Quilt made 3 or 4 years ago.

One for the Blue and White Crown of Thorns quilt finished earlier in the spring.

One for the Hallawe'en 1904 quilt that I call "Adams Elementary Halloween Festival".  I will add the label as soon as I finish the bi…

quilting on hold

Isn't life curious?  We're in the middle (well, close to the end) of wedding preparations and I'm not getting in much stitching time.  Usually when I can't get to the physical act of sitting before my sewing machine or quilt frames I compensate by shopping.  Looking at all the fabric and carrying a bag out of the quilt shop satisfies my need somehow - it's like planning a whole new project.

But, I'm restraining myself this time.  I have not been to a quilt store and I have not made any quilty purchases online.  It does help that I won a give-away at Pam Buda's blog and am expecting a squishy bag of fabric scraps in the mail.  The suspense is part of the fun - don't you think?

I'm doing a "Big Stitch" on my Sunny Lanes quilt at top and above.  The stitches are turning out to be pretty BIG.  I can't seem to find a middle ground between the tiny stitches for regular hand quilting and these huge stitches.  This quilt is a utility quilt so…


Making good progress on my Halloween quilt.  I am stitching with 12 wt. Aurifil in orange and black using a big stitch.  It looks like the drawings I see on calendars and puzzles etc.  I really like the homey effect it gives.

This is my secret rose after a rainstorm.  Sweet spicey gentle beauty.

I made 8 ties for my son's upcoming wedding reception. Satin is no fun to sew on and they need a good pressing.  Glad to make a contribution - glad to have them done.

We're getting a new back door.  No this picture isn't sideways.  It's the door on it's side.  I look forward to having direct sunlight in my kitchen but I don't look forward to the installation; open doors, banging about, unhappy husband.  You get the picture.

I've been craving Magic Cookie Bars.  I made them this afternoon combining 2 different recipes.  Here is the original one.  Pretty tasty and well worth my time.

I bottled tomatoes this afternoon and was waiting for the cookie bars  to bake while…