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Beauty and the Beast

I finished piecing this quilt top that turned out to be a "Beauty" but it was a "Beast" to make.  I apologize for photographing it next to my pink carpet (alas I've complained enough about that in the past).  Someday it will be replaced.

I didn't have enough border fabric to do mitered corners but I felt like the formal feel of the quilt demanded that treatment.

So I pieced the corners.  Your eye follows the green stripe and doesn't notice the seam lines unless you are looking for them.

I looked all over for sashing, my stash, online, the LQS, and finally back to my stash.  I ended up using an old Judie Rothermel line from about 2002.  As you can see the green in the sashing does not match the green in the border but again. . .  your eye tricks you into thinking it's the same when you view the quilt top as a whole.

I am really glad to be done with this quilt top.  It has been carefully folded and put on a hanger in the back of my quilting closet.  …

Checking all my possibilities~

Rebecca suggested in my previous post that I use chocolate colored sashing for the blocks.  I grabbed this deep chocolate toile that was on top of my stack.  But, it is too dark and I think and it looks a little Asian.  
So I kept hunting.  

Thanks to Rebecca for the suggestion because if she hadn't given me the idea to use something deep and dark I would still be looking for sashing fabric like the one below.  Beautiful French General fabric but all wrong for this quilt. The Portobello Market line has warm beiges and this fabric is a gray/beige - too cool and just not right.

So with that in mind I started digging into the depths of the stash for something darker.  I found this dark green Chelsea's Boutique by Blackbird Designs and it has possibilities.  It brings out the greens in the border fabric that I was planning on using from this Portobello Market line.

I then found a lighter chocolate in my Jo Morton fabric.  I like it a lot better but I wouldn't cut into Jo Mort…

Just a little grumble~

I'm continuing to work on these Rosette blocks.  I've got 12 made - only four more to go.  A couple of times I have wondered if this WIP (work in progress) was going to become a UFO (unfinished object) because the block is so frustrating to make with all those matched points.  It takes me a whole hour to make just one block.

I'm not in love with the fabric any more either and so I'm just sewing on it to finish it.

It is time to audition sashing fabric.  First I put some of the blocks with the originally purchased sashing fabric.  It looks rather bla-a-a-ah don't you think?

So I thought I'd liven it up a little and put the same blocks on a red & white toile.  It was disappointing.  I really thought I'd like it but I don't.

I'll have to keep on looking or just be satisfied with "blah".

This pattern has been frustrating from the beginning.  The cutting instructions were confusing to me.  It turns out that the sewing method is not my favo…

It's been a good day

It's been a good day and it started out with progress on the first border of my "Birds of a Feather" quilt.  It's going to be a slow-go with the hand quilting but I love the look and I feel at peace as I stitch.

Also the sun is out today.  That always gives me energy and a positive outlook.

I have cut out all the blocks for the Rosette quilt and put them in sandwich bags so they will be protected from little hands.

I made the first block and found out 2 things.  First of all it is a bit tedious with all the matching points!!  And as I am sewing the squares on the ribbons I have to be careful while pressing so that I don't stretch the newly formed bias seam.

I think I did a bit better by the time I got to the 3rd block above.

With the sun shining I can see the snowcapped mountains across the Salt Lake valley.  There is a bit of a haze but it is still beautiful.

I found 2 new blogs I haven't see before Sew Fresh Quilts and The Constant Quilter today.  Go check…

Getting back into the saddle~

I made my first pie since coming home from Wisconsin.  It smells so good! I had quite a few cooking disasters while I was gone and getting used to the lack of elevation and humidity.

It looks like I haven't quite got my pie making ability back.  I forgot to moisten the edge of the lower crust before I put the top crust on and so the peach yummy-ness boiled over.   It looks a little dark but that is because the crust is 1/2 whole wheat.  I love the combination of whole wheat nutty-ness and peaches.

I've been cutting out a quilt that I bought the supplies for ages ago.  It has been a delight to come home after being gone 18 months and rediscover the projects in the sewing studio.  This used up a complete "Layer Cake" but one of the Moda line called Portobello Market.  The name always reminds me of the Disney movie 'Bedknobs & Broomsticks'.

I usually come late to the band wagon and this was no exception.  I admired Portobello Market for months and then when…

new look

It's a new year and time for changes.  I redecorated the little shelf/niche above my kitchen using my little quilts.

From left to right I put my Jo Morton "Yankee Doodle" quilt around a pillow form I had.  In front are two great little wooden blackbirds and a real Robin's nest in a clear bowl to keep it from making a mess. Oh, and the little dots in the star are appliqued circles - not buttons.

Next is Jo Morton's "Scrappiness on the left, "Transferware" hanging, and a QAL ( I think it's from Humble Quilts blog) on the bottom.

In the middle I have three lamps (sure wish there was an outlet up on the shelf - that would be wonderful!) and a little cross stitch picture I made in 1989.

Next is a stack of quilts with Jo Morton's "Eggs and Bacon" on the bottom, and going up from there a little Welsh Quilt Study, Jo Morton's "Pottery Shards", a little quilt by 'This 'n That', and hanging is a basket quilt from …

Recycling batting

Okay. . . you're going to think I'm crazy and this is why.
I made a flannel quilt for my 10 yr. old.  He had worn out the original throw-size flannel quilt and needed a new one.  Since he was a growing boy I decided to make it big ~ really big!!!  I chose Looney Toones flannel but didn't have enough so it was pieced with a blue stripe flannel.
I know you're snoozing with boredom by now but stick with me.  There is a "method to my madness".  My son wouldn't leave the quilt on his bed.  No, no, he would wrap up in it and watch TV and while wrapped up would drag it from the breakfast table to the nethermost parts of the house.  Needless to say, he wore it out but he wore it out in the middle.

He loved this quilt and begged me to fix it.  Any repair I might do would take lots of time and not really look that great so it has set on a shelf in the downstairs closet for years.  And I do mean years.  He is now 24.

Above and below you can see the holes he wore in…