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I keep thinking I don't have anything to show.  But, I sure spend a lot of time stitching so here is what I am working on today.

I'm still quilting the border on this quilt.  It is quite tedious and for some reason my wrist complains a lot so I only stitch for a short time each day.

I love the way it is turning out and am willing to spend whatever time I need to.

Snail's pace here ~~~~~

But it is a comfortable little niche to sew in and it's right in front of the TV.  Now, if they would just put something on that's worth watching.  Getting tired of all the violence and sex.  Give me a show I can watch with my grandchildren.  I watched Alice in Wonderland two days ago while quilting.  It still is the most nonsensical thing ever but it amuses me.

I'm working on the four patches for "Sunny Lanes" the Nickel quilt.  This is just relaxing and fun.

I've started a bow tie quilt.  As you can see it's not very far long.  But, as soon as the Nickel quil…

after sleeping on it. . .

I've decided not to use the striped border on the Baraboo quilt from the last post.  It was just too much orange.  The stripe also took your eye away from the center of the quilt to the border.  It's a shame, I have 3 yds. of that great striped  fabric left over.

I've auditioned reds, aquas, and neutrals without finding anything satisfactory.  I considered doing applique with all the bright fabics  in vines and leaves.  That sounds like a lot of work and all it would do is draw your eye away from the circles again.  That's not my goal.

I kept on searching and I found a Faye Burgos fabric by Marcus that has "potential".  I have  6 yds. of it so I think I could us it for the border and the backing if I choose to.

Decisions, decisions. . . Robin

Baraboo blocks done

I finished appliqueing the circles on Saturday but didn't finish completing the blocks till today.  I placed them on the floor in a corner of the basement so I can study the color placement.  I've already rearranged a few of the blocks since taking this picture.

Here is the completed stack all ready to press.

The fabric at the left is for the border.  It is the same fabric that I used for the cross in the middle of the blocks.  The camera's eye doesn't give that piece of fabric it's true colors.  The orange stripe looks like it has green dots but they are turquoise and aqua.  The stripe also has that melon color of the block next to it.

This shows the colors a little truer but it's still "iffy".  I think I like the stripe crosswise better than lengthwise for a border.  But I also think it needs a little stop border between.  I had a few ideas about how to make a detailed border but when I got the blocks all laid out I decided it didn't need anyth…

Just the right piece

I have wanted to make this Nickel quilt ever since the 1st book came out.  My quilt group had a nickel exchange years ago and I squirreled away the squares in my little niche.

I've been making hst and 4 patch units for a couple of weeks now and was finally able to start making them into blocks yesterday.  The units go together so fast and it was pure joy putting them together.

The quilt is Sunny Lanes from the first Nickel Quilts book by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode

The second book below has some great patterns too and I even made one - but I still longed to make Sunny Lanes.

 This is the pattern from the second book that I made.

And here is the quilt using a line by Barbara Brackman called "Patterns in History" if I remember right.

But, it didn't satisfy by need - I still wanted to make Sunny Lanes.  You know how you think you've gotten over wanting a pattern, or a specific line of fabric and all of a sudden you see it on pinterest or another fabric will remind…

Here we go. . .

My version of "Birds of a Feather" by Blackbird Designs.  I call it CHIRP after a nickname I had years ago because my name is Robin. It has a prairie point border (any tips on how to keep the points from wrinkling up in the wash?)

Here are a few individual pictures with a better view of the quilting.  I apologize for some that are a bit blurry.  It's hard to get a good picture at 7:30 am inside on a rainy day.

The tall block on the right has my initials at the top and the year at the bottom.

These pictures show the border a little better.   It is only 62" X 75", a small quilt for me but, it took 3 months and more to quilt it all.  There are a lot of stitches, pricked fingers, callouses, and eye strain in this quilty item.

It feels good to have it done and hanging.  One regret is that the bottom third of the quilt is hidden behind the couch.  I may have to rearrange the living room.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  It's finished (see previous post).


I am all stitched out!

I had forgotten how long it takes to complete the quilt after finishing the actual quilting.

I haven't finished a quilt for about two years.  I did piece two quilt tops and quilted another while we were on our mission but I didn't actually finish any of them.

There are five finishes in a quilt (if it will be hung on a wall).
1. The applique and piecing finish.
2.  The quilting finish.
3.  The binding finish.
4.  The label finish.
and finally. . .
5.  The hanging sleeve finish.  GASP!!!

I guess there are really six finishes if you count the cutting out.

This project seems to be taking a long time.  I know part of it is because it is such a pretty quilt and I am anxious to see it done.

The other part is I AM AS SLOW AS PUDDING!!!


PS Hopefully tomorrow I can post about a complete and absolute finish with a picture.