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I found more barn blocks

We went to "Quilting in the Country" in Bozeman Montanaa.  There is a darling cabin as you come up the drive and this quilt block was on it.  Too cute.

This block is on an angle on another cabin close by.

The flowers and landscaping around the cute little store are wonderful.   The peonies were in bloom in this bed with an actual sewing machine on a stand in the middle.  The ropes are to keep people away because it was their Shop Hop and so many were expected.

Everything except the kits were 40% off.  I bought a number of Barbara Brackman pieces that I missed out on when we were serving in Wisconsin..

We later went to the Historical society where they had quilts on display.  The cheddar 9-patch is on an old fire engine.

The local quilt group combined their talents and made this historical quilt in the 70's.  It has cabins, buffalo/bison, covered wagons, fishing, tee pees, local birds & flowers, and geysers as Bozeman is only about 45 miles north of Yellowstone Natio…

Getting off my HIGH HORSE

I seem to do everything from scratch.  For some reason making things the hard - time consuming way gives them more value in my book.  I think I inherited it from my parents

I was raised by two wonderful people who grew up during the depression.  It was a time of making do with what you had.  You saved string, screws, and scraps without a project in mind.  You just might need them someday.  My mother made all my clothes and my dad built our house.  You didn't go out and buy something you could manufacture with your own hands.  (And, they didn't have credit cards.)

I like the satisfaction of doing things that are difficult sometimes.  I started a stamp quilt a few years ago (1" blocks) and my son asked me why I wanted to do something like that.  "I want to do something hard" I said as I laughed at myself.

I made all the girls clothes when they were growing up.  Sewing for the boys was another kettle of fish.  I didn't want to make jeans and they often wouldn&…