This week

has been all about applique.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to join the new BOM over at Sentimental Stitches or not.  She is doing an applique quilt from 1857 and giving out the patterns free for the month they are introduced.  There are 64 blocks in the quilt so this would be a long term commitment.  I printed out the patterns and stewed, mulled, brooded over, considered whether I should take the plunge or not.

 I saw that Lori of Humble Quilts had finished the 3 blocks for January and was reminded that  I needed to make a decision or I would soon be three blocks behind.  At first I thought I would have to use the same red, green, and cheddar fabric throughout.  I knew I didn't have enough of any one piece for the whole quilt.  I am really into using up what I already have and not buying more right now.

Hey wait!  I could dig into my vast Jo Morton stash and use whatever colors I wanted.  Jo Morton fabrics seem to always go together no matter what you choose.  "It's like magic." (quote from Sleepless in Seattle - ha!)

But, unfortunately, I didn't have a good single piece of background fabric so I did have to purchase something else.  I love it though, it is Hollyhocks by Jo Morton 7750  Color RY.

Now, don't go buy it all up, I need some more...................

I finished the goofy flower block yesterday.  (What kind of flower is this supposed to be anyway?  It's like nothing I've ever seen.)  It was a tricky little stinker to applique too, let me tell you.  I need to put the diamonds in the corners and go on to the other 2 blocks so I'll be ready a week from today to copy the patterns for the next three.

The other applique I was involved in was for my "When the Cold Wind Blows" quilt.  I stitched down the stems on the "Coxcombs" on the left and prepped the "Rose Hips"block on the right.  The greenery at the top of the hips remind me of  mustaches. These blocks are so big (I know I've complained about that before) and so they take extra time and room to prep.  Laurie Simpson of Minick & Simpson just finished her version, it's lovely

I sewed this bird, a star, and finished a tree on the first block for "Sleigh Bells" by Jan Patek.  I just need to sew on all the windows on the church and finish another star to be done.  It shouldn't take too long if I don't get distracted by the other projects again!

Hope everyone has been able to dig out from the weekend storms.  We got about 6 inches of snow last night after it had rained all day.



Janet O. said…
You seem to be very happy in your applique projects. You did beautiful work on the "stinker". : )
Those are very ambitious blocks on your "When the Cold Wind Blows" project. I love the fabric you have used for the vases. It is perfect.
It is all lovely stuff, but I have to ask, is your sewing machine feeling lonely?
audrey said…
I've downloaded the first patterns for the Sentimental Stitches quilt but have been thinking and not starting. Do I have the time? Dedication? hmm... I know I don't have enough background fabric! It's going to be fun to see all the different versions though. Great start for you!
Every Stitch said…
Lovely start to 1857 - and a nice background choice!
It does look like a tricky flower. It reminds me of a thistle. I love your potted blocks. Lovely!
Love your Cold Wind Blows blocks. I too downloaded the first three patterns of 1857. I had to order some background fabric; found something on clearance. It just arrived yesterday so I hope to get one or two of these blocks done before month's end. I am not looking forward to this tricky little one that you did such a wonderful job on but I'll try! :)
Mary Burns said…
Beautiful, I am working on the Cold Wind Blows blocks as well! Hugs, Mary
Wow--you are really going to town on the applique blocks--wonderful! I'm not sure what that flower is supposed to be either (bee balm?) but it's a pretty cute block!

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