Best laid plans. . .

ARGH!  I left my bag with all the applique stuff at the cannery yesterday.  They don't open again till Monday.  I was going to finish the last two February blocks today so I'd be ready for the new set of patterns that comes out Tuesday.

It's funny when something like this happens, it's as if I can't make myself do anything else.  I have the project in my mind and can't focus on doing another one.  I did try to baste some pieces on the "When the Cold Wind Blows applique.  I fondled some fabric that my friend Marlena gifted me.  It is the wild horses line from Laurel Burch - gorgeous fabric - and I think she bought every piece available in the colorway above.

I worked on my hexie project for about a 1/2 hr.   I quilted on the Welsh quilt for another 1/2 hr.

Then I took a nap.

I just don't adapt well to change.


Janet O. said…
Oh, I understand. When you have your mind set on something specific, it is so hard to shift gears.
That is a really pretty fabric, Robin. Do have something specific in mind for it?

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