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I updated the blog from my quilt group "Bound Together" from our January meeting if you want to go check it out.

I put the corner diamonds on the 1st block and finished the 2nd block from the 1857 quilt.  I think I reversed the pattern for the 2nd block but it really doesn't matter.  I hope I can last with this quilt.  I still have one more block to finish for January and last Monday four more blocks were introduced for February.  I don't like to get behind so I'm feeling the self-imposed pressure.

I finished Billy's quilt here but as I was finishing the quilting I found a hole smack dab in the middle of one of the white triangles.

I would have understood finding a hole on one of the plaid pieces because they were from Billy's shirts.  But to find a hold on a new piece of fabric was rather annoying.

I unpicked the quilting and then the stitching, replaced the triangle, and sewed it back in using small applique stitches.  Then I re-quilted around it.  It looks great.  The quilt is all bound, labeled, and ready for Billy's family.

I made one of these quilts from Cherie Soffe Paine's (I know I'm spelling her name wrong) blog from last year.  Actually I made it last year.  I did the embroidery a few weeks ago.  Maybe next Valentine's Day I'll finally quilt it.  Above is a picture of Cherie's original version.

I put Welsh Quilt Study II on the floor hoop ready for intense quilting.

And I put the nosegay quilt on the big frames.  I can now quilt upstairs or downstairs depending on my whim.

I finished the 1st block of Sleigh Bells by Jan Patek.

The steeple is quite slanted - I wonder if it will "quilt out" ha!



Janet O. said…
My goodness, Robin, you are a machine!
I know how you feel when you fall behind. I really struggle with that, so I am trying hard not to join ANY BOMs this year. So far so good, with only one month under my belt. *LOL*
Nice save on Billy's quilt!
You have some lovely projects in the quilting stage!
Anonymous said…
The steeple is fine slanted. It is a very old and tired steeple. Maybe the rafters are sagging a bit. Looks great.


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