Stitching a little

I got out the craft iron and starch to make the little berries for the 3rd January block above.  While I had all the stuff out I made the circles for a February block as well.  I used as many reds as I had.

I don't like sewing those pesky little diamonds in the corners but I sure like the way the blocks look together.

Below are all 3 of the January blocks from the 1857 quilt.  (And my husband's  childhood wooden soldiers)

My background seems so dark when I see other completed blocks in blogland.  I still like the color I have chosen but I'm wondering if eventually I'll have to use sashing so the individual blocks will stand out.

Oh well, that's a decision for another day.

To celebrate Valentine's day I made some pink bread.  Isn't it pretty?  It's not flavored - it's just pink.

Have a great day,


Janet O. said…
I can't even imagine appliqueing all of those little circles! Looking very good.
Ah, fun pink bread. I used to do pink waffles for Valentines and green ones for St. Patrick's Day.
I like your dark background. When I saw the first photo or two of the quilt on Sentimental Stitches the background looked dark to me. I'd ordered some fabric called boulder buff or something like that hoping for a simlar darker look. When it came it looked to be much more of a peach shade but I'm using it and there I am doing big red and green blocks on a kona snow background so these will be a nice contrast or change.

Well you are farther along than me on this project and it all looks wonderful here! :)
Nancy said…
Your blocks are so pretty. I love how you used all the different reds for your circles.
I used the same red for mine and I like your so much more.

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