I finished the next border on my Welsh Quilt Study.  I have been interrupted so many times today that I'm having a hard time motivating myself to keep on quilting.  

It has been months since I could just go into the studio and be creative with whatever my little heart desired.  It's hard to stay on course when the enthusiasm has waned.

My time is so measured right now.

Thanks for listening,


Janet O. said…
What's up, Robin? Stresses, or just quilter's slump? It is none of my business, I know. I'm just concerned--you sound kind of down. If you weren't two hours away, I'd be right over!
I know exactly how you feel! Hope you find some peace in whatever is concerning you. I LOVE the picture you've shared today - how the little light squares move up the doll's dress, it seems to me inspiring! Hugs!

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