Nine blocks done

I finished blocks 8 and 9 of the 1857 quilt this week.  I am doing back basting applique so my blocks are mirror image of the original pattern.  But, they all look okay to me.  That plane and saw block was quite the challenge!  I loved doing the sunburst block (in purple).  But, I don't think I'm going to do block 10 with the fiddly pieces surrounding the center hearts.  It just doesn't appeal to me so I'll have to come up with something else.

Here are all nine finished blocks.  Sentimental Stitches released another block (a dazzler) today in celebration of National Quilting Day.  Can't wait to start.

I've been cleaning out closets.  It's that ole spring cleaning bug that sometimes bites this time of year.  "What's a person to do with all that stuff?"  I say!

 I have boxes and boxes of family pictures from the time photography was invented to today.  For whatever reason, my house seems to be the family repository.  I can't let another year go by without compile and organizing.  (And throwing away) It's going to take HOURS!

I cleaned out the crafty supplies and put all my oil painting things into one location.  I think I'm going to blame the bug on my husband because he decided to turn the back room of the shed into a greenhouse and I had to take my stuff out and away.

"Where to put it?"



Janet O. said…
You are doing a beautiful job on your blocks. I really like the saw blade fabric.
Good for you replacing what you don't care to include. Sometimes I find myself thinking I have to do something the designer's way. When I feel that way I always wonder why. Never used to think along those lines. I like that you will have a unique block and I am interested to see what you choose.
Sounds like you are too busy to be stitching, what with rearranging the storage and doing Spring cleaning. When you are finished with yours you can head North and do mine, okay? : )
Oh they all look lovely ! :) Just finished the sunburst yesterday so I now have seven done...have gone out of order a bit, though. If you mean that other tool block...on the FB group I saw two people do something did one with sewing tools that was really cute. That caught my eye and I thought 'hmm, maybe " : )

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