Something happened while I was quilting this morning that has never happened before.  I was just stitching along when I pulled my needle up through the layers and the thread was not attached. No problem, I'll just rethread the needle.  I clipped off the end of the thread and positioned it to glide (I wish) through the eye of the needle.

Now, I don't have the youngest of vision and sometimes I have to take my glasses off rather than put them on to insert the thread.  So when I didn't see the eye immediately I figured my eyes were acting up and I blinked really hard and focused again.

But, there actually was no eye!  The tip-top of my needle had come off.

I was bummed.  I had grown attached to the feel of this particular needle and had put up with it's slightly bent alignment for quite a while.

Into the trash it went as I softly whispered; "you served me well. . . "

We've got a big and much needed storm coming through.  I love it.  You can no longer see the grass.  The snow is piling up.  It hailed earlier this morning.  The mountains could receive as much as 3 ft of new welcome snow.

 I made up this cake stand block last week.  I've had the fabric to do a little quilt for over a decade.  It is from the scraps of a beautiful print I used to make my oldest daughter the cutest two piece outfit when she was in high school in the 90's.

I matched up some tone on tone prints and bought some Kona black and then I've been aging it over the years - ha!

Well, the block didn't turn out to be as wonderful as I had envisioned.  It would look better with solid blue triangles, I think,  But, the whole point of using these fabrics was because they blended so well with the print.

Some rethinking is in order.

This is the front of the card

I gave the plaid quilt to my sister-in-law.  If you recall, she asked my to make the quilt out of her son's shirts.  He passed away last June.  She sent me a card to thank me.

Isn't that what quilting is all about?


Janet O. said…
I thought you were going to say you had a migraine and you couldn't see the eye. Isn't it funny how we hang on to our favorite needles in spite of their less than straight posture? I don't think I have ever had the top of a needle come off. Interesting.
Hasn't it been an interesting weather day along the Wasatch Front? I saw that same scene out my window a few times.
What looks great in our minds eye doesn't always translate the way we expect into the actual fabric. It is still a pretty basket block, just not what you imagines, I guess.
Very sweet card from your SIL. Obviously she is very pleased with your effort. Nice to have your work appreciated and really mean something to the recipient.
audrey said…
I've had that happen where the tip of the needle breaks off. Such an odd moment! Very nice card from your sister in law. It's wonderful to know the quilt is being well loved.:)
Karen said…
I like the bowl of quilts. Good idea.

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