Basket Quilt

The gold basket quilt from my previous post is called;
Baskets of Flowers from the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska

The pattern is in the Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine  May/June 2011

I've gone through my stash of patterns to get rid of the ones I no longer have an interest in making and I'm in trouble.  I didn't put very many in the throw away stack.  The lid does fit on the box now, I guess that's some progress.

(just because I didn't want to post without a picture.)


Janet O. said…
Well, I like the picture you shared.
I may be in trouble, too. I don't buy many magazines, but I stopped at a LQS today to get some thread and left with a couple of magazines. Yikes! I limit the space for book and magazine storage and it is too tight now. Time to thin the herd again. : )
Yikes! When it comes to magazines I am in trouble
Rebecca in AK said…
It is so difficult to choose which to keep! Even if I never make the quilt I still enjoy looking at the photos. Lovely flower!

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