Two new blogs to inspire

Blog reading has been inspiring today.  I read the "Quilting Everyday" blog by Rebecca and she has motivated me to re evaluate my quilting queue and work on the things that give me the most joy.

I just pulled out an applique project I started in 2001.  I only made two 18" blocks and then it got put away.  I still like it but I don't think I'll ever finish it.  I can incorporate the fabrics into my stash no problem but, what do I do with the two finished blocks and the 10 other 18" squares I have cut out?

I also read "Lining up my Stitches" blog by Juliann who is taking the time to be more thoughtful, quiet, and enjoy some simpler pleasures.  I know I enjoy life more when I don't fill it to the brim with things to do.  Just pick out a few good things and then enjoy the process. (Oh, and make sure I have a bakery item close by~)

I began going through my box of patterns from magazines and the internet to see if I still want to use them.   AM I REALLY GOING TO MAKE ALL THESE and the 100's more?

Sorry about the blurry pictures.  

I took them through the plastic sleeves and so the quality is diminished.

It is such a beautiful today that spending some time sitting in the sun and pondering will give me as much joy as I usually get by appliqueing new leaves on the latest block or making a sensational dessert. (Although dessert IS pretty important - ha!


Every Stitch said…
Always good to hear of inspiring blogs - will go check them out. I love the basket quilt you showed in your first photo. Is it a pattern that is available somewhere?
Rebecca in AK said…
You got some wonderful quilts to chose from! I love the basket quilt in the first photo, but you know me and baskets! :)
Janet O. said…
I read Rebecca's post, too. Had a similar experience not long ago. Put a lot of patterns I had saved from magazines or printed from websites into the recycle bin. Gave away a set of finished blocks and a few flimsies I had lost my love for, have been focused on quilting my mini flimsies, and haven't stopped at quilt shops along the Wasatch Front when DH and I travel south since my birthday in November. Feels great!: )

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