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Forty Four

There are 44 pieces in each one of these 6" blocks.  I only have the patience to make a few at a time before I'm antsy to go on to something else.

So it's taken me weeks to get this far.  I have 20 more blocks to go.

But, it is helping me accomplish my goal this year of quilting more tops than I make.

So far so good.

I've finished  4 quilts and given two tops away.  I've only made one top this year from the Bonnie Hunter's 2015 Mystery.  I finished it in January.

I'm not going to give up on this goal but I'm not really having as much fun in the sewing room as usual and there isn't a whole lot to post about.

The things we do to ourselves.

Fabulous project!!!

I just found  a project at the Piece O' Cake blog.  It is Becky Goldsmith's journey in making her Kauai Road piece.  I don't have permission to use a picture of it but go to the June 18th post and scroll down to see her creation process.  I can hardly wait to start a project like this.

She took a photo that she wanted to make into a quilt.  She enlarged it and traced it to clear vinyl.  Then put pieces up on her design wall with the overlay close by.  She just trimmed, folded, and pinned till she got the pieces the right size.

She carefully took it off her design wall, has basted the shapes into place, and is now hand stitching the background.

I just love the whole concept.

Maybe one of these pictures could be made into cloth.

Isn't this sky great?  It has so much potential.

And this picture for fall.  Maybe each pumpkin could be made out of a different orange fabric.

The possibilities are endless!!!

Does anybody know where I can find some extra time?


A teaching opportunity

My newest DIL wanted to learn how to quilt.  We decided to start small and she began to look through my finished tops and small quilts.  She found the prairie queen block with the double four patch in one of tops and instantly wanted to make it.  I remembered that the little quilt below had a double four patch and showed it to her.  She was smitten.  It is from a pattern called "Simply Sweet" by Cheri Saffiote Payne

And then came the task of picking out fabric.  She soon decided she wanted to make something in red, white, and blue using the bright red but it got more difficult after that.  I got out my box of patriotic fabric, my box of Minick & Simpson fabric, all 3 boxes of Jo Morton fabric, the box of small scraps, and she searched the shelf of misc. large pieces by color.  She found two pieces of toile that she loved but couldn't quite figure how to incorporate them into the little quilt.  We finally decided to use one of them for the backing.  I was ready to pu…

Welsh Quilt Study II completed

This picture shows the whole quilt, all 38" square of it.  It was originally supposed to end at the sawtooth border but that wouldn't work with a knife edge binding.  So I added the extra little border and quilted everything and then (gasp!) because of the way I had added the border had to do a regular binding.  I used the same toile fabric so it became a faux knife edge binding.

I'm not sure where I'm going to display it.  I have it as a lamp table cover here with a crocheted doily between it and the lamp.

Here I folded it and used it as the back of the chair.  Hmmmm?

This shows the intricate quilting and why it has taken me so long to finish it.  I remember thinking (when I made Welsh Quilt Study I) that I wasn't in any hurry to make another one.  Guess what?  That's exactly the way I am thinking again.  It's beautiful but SO MUCH work!  I've spent the same amount of time quilting this as I would a full size quilt.

This is a close-up of the center w…