A teaching opportunity

DIL's finished top 19" X 27"

My newest DIL wanted to learn how to quilt.  We decided to start small and she began to look through my finished tops and small quilts.  She found the prairie queen block with the double four patch in one of tops and instantly wanted to make it.  I remembered that the little quilt below had a double four patch and showed it to her.  She was smitten.  It is from a pattern called "Simply Sweet" by Cheri Saffiote Payne

And then came the task of picking out fabric.  She soon decided she wanted to make something in red, white, and blue using the bright red but it got more difficult after that.  I got out my box of patriotic fabric, my box of Minick & Simpson fabric, all 3 boxes of Jo Morton fabric, the box of small scraps, and she searched the shelf of misc. large pieces by color.  She found two pieces of toile that she loved but couldn't quite figure how to incorporate them into the little quilt.  We finally decided to use one of them for the backing.  I was ready to pull out the boxes in my downstairs closet when she finally decided on the blue with the white stars and we were ready to begin.

My version of "Simply Sweet" by Cheri 

She soon became confident with rotary cutting.  She started sewing the tiny four patches tentatively but with determination.    She was a able to finish the project in  just 3 sittings.  She wants to hand quilt it so we'll be basting the layers together on Monday.

Instructions for Simply Sweet
 We went to Colorado the weekend after Memorial Day.  We hadn't been back for over eight years.  We took balloons to our little boy's grave.  He's buried in such a pretty cemetery.  Being there brought back so many sweet memories.

We stopped in Green River for breakfast on the way there.  My husband loves a good link sausage so he was delighted by these locally made ones.

We had a birthday this week.  It was grandchild # 6.  A rollicking playful young man, look at those eyes. . .

You can see additional sprinkles on the stovetop.  They were all over the entire stove top.  The celebration is today but grandma wasn't encouraged to come because it will mostly be scrambling little boys in a recreational facility.

Just wanted to share a few spring pictures.  The tiny carnations are from our yard - so pretty.

This picture of the teeny tiny grapes was taken at the nursery.  They are just so cute I couldn't pass them up.

Hope your Saturday is spent in your sewing room!


Janet O. said…
How fun to have a new DIL that wants to quilt! Looks like she caught on quickly. I know she has a good teacher.
I didn't know you had lost a little one years ago. Sorry to hear that, Robin.
That is good that you were able to go back to the cemetery for a visit. Love the balloons!
Very pretty little flowers. My garden is so void of flowers, I have been very neglectful last year and this. Life happens! : )
Cute little grapes. Wonder if they have the same flavor as larger ones?
Karen said…
Your DIL's quilt is very well done. Especially for someone new to making a quilt. I had some of the border fabric she used. Such a good choice for this little quilt.

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