I am having so much fun

working on the next Grandmother's Choice - Votes for Women quilt.  I am big stitching around the larger parts of the blocks.

It is so relaxing and is going fast.  It's like coloring in a coloring book.  Just wish I could spend more time at the frames.

Here are two more blocks completed for the 1857 quilt.  The block below was a stinker.  I had to really concentrate to make sure I was turning a curve and not a point as I went around the leaves.

This is a cute little block.  I didn't do the more complex lids for the bottles.  It turned out fine.

And here they are with a few of the other blocks.

We had a 'make n' take' at my quilt group "Bound Together" last month.  It is a little mug rug block.  The fabrics are Fig Tree which I don't have much of but I was able to find the plaid (from another line) to bind it.  I think it turned out pretty cute.

I thought I would have the two little doll quilts finished to show you today.  But, alas, I am still working on the binding of the first one and haven't started the quilting on the 2nd.  So, here's a sneak peek and hopefully they will be finished soon.

I also made two little house ornaments yesterday.  Another challenge from my quilt group.

I think they turned out pretty cute.  They were very easy to make.  There may be more in my future.

Here they are together hanging at the mantle.  It is hinting at the holidays.

As I was working on the binding yesterday with the crispness of the morning, it felt like fall to me.  It was Saturday and it felt like it was time to go to the music store to pick up the new music for my daughter.  I started going to the music store in the fall right after my oldest son started playing the French Horn (he was already playing the piano).  Then the next child, a daughter, began the saxophone.  The next two tried drums, violin, piano, but mostly preferred more physical things like football. . .  My 2nd daughter played piano, trumpet and drums in middle and high school, and received her BA (or was it a BS?) in organ performance.  She's the one that really got me going to the music store on a regular basis.  And then, finally, our youngest began violin at age six.  Choosing his music became quite difficult in later years.

So, here I am, ready to peruse the racks and files with no one to buy music for.  It's a sweet feeling not a sad one.  It finally feels like fall.

I am linking up with Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday here.


Quilter Kathy said…
I just loved seeing your hand quilting project... that is my UFO goal for the month to get my top together,
so it was inspiring to see you are hand quilting yours! ENJOY!
Suzanne said…
I really like your little house ornaments...very sweet.
Your stitching looks so nice on those blocks, I can tell you are enjoying it.
Janet O. said…
Beautiful job on your hand quilting and applique.
You know I can't wait to see the doll quilts!
Enjoyed your thoughts on trips to the music store. That used to be a ritual for me as well. All of my children played piano and sang in choirs and chamber groups, and three of the four also played guitar. Hubby and I sing and I play the violin and mandolin. I loved browsing the music store, whether alone or with the kids. Every year we would buy what was required for their lessons, and some fun things that they just wanted to learn on their own. When they all left home we had so much music!! Finally, one day when they were back home together visiting we dragged out all of the piano music and divided it up, leaving just enough here that they had something to play if they felt like it while visiting. I have only shopped for an occasional violin or vocal piece in about a decade! I do miss it.
No wonder you are having fun ....all the projects are just lovely / those little houses are so darn cute.
Ruth said…
So many lovely projects! The little house ornaments are adorable and I love making doll quilts as well. All 3 of my boys took some music lessons, but it only stuck with one. And his son plays the piano, organ, trumpet and accordion! My sister has her masters in organ and is a piano teacher. Unfortunately, while I dabbled in piano, it didn't stick very well with me either.

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