I have been keeping busy

This is a true beginners project.  When I made this (obviously using scraps) I had no idea about matching corners, or trimming threads, or cutting things the right length.   It's pathetic.

But, it is the exact right quilt top for this project.  I am trying to make a Kantha Quilt.  I'm using sport weight (white and yellow) and knitting worsted (orange) acrylic yarn.  I chose the yarn from what I already had.  I like the sport weight, it's easy to pull through.  The knitting worsted weight is harder to pull through and makes my joints ache a little after doing a few rows.  It's not in a hoop or frame.  It's just draped over a long table with two cutting mats underneath to protect the tables surface from being scratched by the needle.

There is no batting.  I spread the top and bottom out on the floor, smoothing it out flat.  And then pin basted it together.  I'm not sure how it will turn out with my wavy borders but so far so good. 

I finished the hand quilting on my second Women of Grace & Charm quilt by Blackbird Designs.  I love the way it looks.  My absolute favorite fabric is the floral in the center star.
There are stars quilted in the large dk. beige corners of the center medallion.

I also spent a lot of hours on the 1857 QAL.  I back basted one of the September blocks and 14 of the border and corner blocks.  I just arranged them around this block for the picture. The border is different than anything I've ever seen in a reproduction quilt. I need to baste a bunch more and then get busy with the applique.

So, I've kept busy but I never get as much done as I think I will.  

I enjoyed looking at everyone's Gwennie Inspired Quilts this week.  Such creativity.

And speaking of creativity. . . I also enjoyed Audrey's latest post.  She's got me intrigued about the new book she is reading.  Kinda quirky but interesting.


Karen said…
A friend made the Women of Grace & Charm quilt and I admired it very much and thinking I would like to make one. Never did but it is still a favorite design. Yours is very well done.
I smiled at the beginner's quilt because you could just call it an IMPROV quilt which seems to be popular right now! :)

Love the Blackbird Designs quilt. What a beautiful finish!

Lots of lovely 1857 applique in the works here.
Donna said…
Oh, wow! That Women of Grace and Charm is fabulous. Congrats on finishing the quilting.
I have never heard of a Kantha quilt. Love the look of the yarn stitches thru the fabric. Looking forward to your progress
Jayne Honnold said…
This is an interesting variety of projects to share in one post. Don't you love how we quilters can change our projects to match our moods or whims. The fleur de lis applique is going to be beautiful!
Gretchen Weaver said…
I like to variety of projects too. I'm downloading the 1857 patterns, don't know if I'll ever make them. Blessings, Gretchen
Kaja said…
The things that bother you about the first quilt don't bother me at all; I really like it. I'll be interested to see how your Kantha stitching works out - it's definitely a great idea.
Faye said…
Interesting stitching. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I like that your using a quilt from when you first started. I like a quilt with a story behind it!

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