Seldom happens. . .

Every once in a very long while, a project turns out exactly as I had envisioned.  I am so tickled with the way this little quilt looks.

It measures 24" unfinished.  It is based on a pattern from a QAL on Lori's blog " Humble Quilts.  She called it Cheese and Crackers.  The link to part 1 of the instructions is here.

This is a picture of the one I made at the time, it looks nothing like today's quilt.  I wanted to sew it in just blue and cheddar.  My blues are too close to the same hue.  I loved making it and knew I'd make one again someday.

This picture shows my hand for scale.  The small squares finish at 1 inch.

I wanted to make something for my friend who knits.  When I found this focus fabric in Kansas on our way home from seeing grand kids in Kentucky, I knew it would be perfect.

The fabric has balls of yarn and knitting needles on it.  I tried to match some of the colors on the selvage edge.  I ended up using two different reds; one is and orange red and the other a blue red.

I'm going to hand quilt it.  I better get busy because there are additional things in the queue for Christmas gifts.

Grandpa was a hit with the grand kids.  This is a picture of our grandson trying to get between Grandpa and the harmonica to figure out what he was doing to make that sound.

This is our sweet granddaughter, look at all those dimples.

We went to the Nashville Zoo one day while we were there.  We saw a baby sloth (picture turned out dark) and pink flamingos.

We stayed in a motel on the way home that was behind the Ozarkland building that was right out of a Charles Wysocki painting.

 Image 1

Except, technically, Charles Wysocki didn't paint things from the south.  But if he had, it would have looked like this with all the signs all over it.

We left before it opened the next morning.  Tsk tsk!

Off to layer the little quilt.


Janet O. said…
What a fun little quilt! I'm sure your friend will appreciate it.
I wasn't following blogs when Lori did that one, but I believe I have since saved the pattern with plans to go back and do it--someday.
Looks like good times with the grandchildren. : )
Too bad you didn't get a chance to visit that place when it was open. Looks like it might have been fun.
Rebecca said…
Oh My goodness... Love what you did with the colors and shapes in that little little quilt! The circles in the middle of all those squares is just fantastic!!!
Going to go check out the direction now... not that I will be making anything with 1 inch squares!
Rebecca said…
And now that I see how careful you had to be to get the colors "blocked I am even more in awwwwww,
Quilter Kathy said…
Enjoy quilting the bright cheese and crackers... great quilt!
Suzanne said…
I am glad you did the photo to show the scale. I assumed it was a larger block quilt. Your knit friend is going to love it.
Oh I remember when Lori was doing that QAL. It looks great in brights too! Have fun hand quilting it, it will really make it a special gift.
How you work with those tiny pieces just blows me away.

Loved seeing the family pics / the grands are adorable!!
Sandra said…
nice job on the QAL quilt, perfect fabric for a knitter

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