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Good light makes a difference

I am always seeking good lighting.  Our house faces N.N.W. and gets no direct sunlight through the windows between Nov. and the first part of Feb.  I am excited when the slivers of sunlight peek through the dining area window at last.
My sewing space is downstairs and as you know subterranean spaces are darker anyway.  We bought this house from an electrician and so one would think that it would have an abundance of light with outlets everywhere.  
The thing that is everywhere is light switches. 

I bought a new lamp yesterday.  It is a torchiere lamp like we purchased for the missionary apartments when we were in Wisconsin.  It gives off great light.

 It is subtle but the brighter light (even better than my Ott lamp) gives me the clarity I need to quilt at the frames.  I haven't quilted for hours yet but I'm curious to see if my eyes don't become as tired.

 The top picture shows the regular light that consists of three fixtures with three 60 watt bulbs in each. The pictur…
I finished the next border on my Welsh Quilt Study.  I have been interrupted so many times today that I'm having a hard time motivating myself to keep on quilting.  

It has been months since I could just go into the studio and be creative with whatever my little heart desired.  It's hard to stay on course when the enthusiasm has waned.

My time is so measured right now.

Thanks for listening,

Nine blocks done

I finished blocks 8 and 9 of the 1857 quilt this week.  I am doing back basting applique so my blocks are mirror image of the original pattern.  But, they all look okay to me.  That plane and saw block was quite the challenge!  I loved doing the sunburst block (in purple).  But, I don't think I'm going to do block 10 with the fiddly pieces surrounding the center hearts.  It just doesn't appeal to me so I'll have to come up with something else.

Here are all nine finished blocks.  Sentimental Stitches released another block (a dazzler) today in celebration of National Quilting Day.  Can't wait to start.

I've been cleaning out closets.  It's that ole spring cleaning bug that sometimes bites this time of year.  "What's a person to do with all that stuff?"  I say!

 I have boxes and boxes of family pictures from the time photography was invented to today.  For whatever reason, my house seems to be the family repository.  I can't let another yea…
Something happened while I was quilting this morning that has never happened before.  I was just stitching along when I pulled my needle up through the layers and the thread was not attached. No problem, I'll just rethread the needle.  I clipped off the end of the thread and positioned it to glide (I wish) through the eye of the needle.

Now, I don't have the youngest of vision and sometimes I have to take my glasses off rather than put them on to insert the thread.  So when I didn't see the eye immediately I figured my eyes were acting up and I blinked really hard and focused again.

But, there actually was no eye!  The tip-top of my needle had come off.

I was bummed.  I had grown attached to the feel of this particular needle and had put up with it's slightly bent alignment for quite a while.

Into the trash it went as I softly whispered; "you served me well. . . "

We've got a big and much needed storm coming through.  I love it.  You can no longer see …