Moving along in Fantasyland~

Just want to show a little of my progress   That goofy tree (from the last post) is really filling out and looks kind of enchanting.  The jury is still out for the bubble tree.  Isn't it interesting how you get a better perspective with a photo than just the naked eye?

I linking up with Design Wall Monday at Small Quilts and Dolls Quilts.



It is enchanting and I love the colors!
The fantasy tree is really fun! I agree--taking a photo is so helpful to make decisions!
Oh my this is fun ( but I know what is involved in the work and especially those circles!) Lots of hard work here :)
Karen said…
I think the trees are quite enchanting!
Nancy said…
I think these appliques are positively delightful. And your color/fabric choices are charming. This will be a beautiful quilt!

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