The stain is gone!!!

I finished the Father's Day block (see previous post for naming thoughts) yesterday and I soaked it in Oxy-Clean.  It took about 4 hrs. but there is no trace of the raspberry stain -whew!  I'm surprised how many raspberry colored fabrics ended up in this block.  It was fun to make.

The large center flower is supposed to be make out of three different fabrics including a center circle.  When I came across this Amy Butler fabric I knew it would be perfect.

Now, I'll take a little break and finish big stitching the quilt on the frames.  Then it's on to applique the top border for this quilt.

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You must be happy that the stain came out! At least itvmatched the fabrics in your block! Raspberries are a favourite around here too.
Kate said…
Glad you were able to get out that stain. It's such a pretty block.
Nancy said…
What a relief to have that stain gone! I'm surprised it took so long to soak out, though, but I suppose the Oxy-Clean was very gentle to the fabric, so that's great. It is a beautiful block. I like how you mixed and mingled the fabrics for the small flowers and, of course, those large flowers are perfect.
Miaismine said…
Wow! So glad it worked out for you! Your work is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
Janet O. said…
Such happy news that the stain disappeared!
Amazing fussy-cutting on this block, Robin! It is so beautiful!
Phew! That was a close one! SO glad it came out. What a lovely finish!
Cathy said…
Beautiful block and that oxy-clean is miracle stuff! (It's come to my rescue a few times too).
Karen said…
Hurray! I have never used Oxy-Clean? Do you use it for your laundry?

I was studying the fabrics you used in the pink flower. Oh so interesting. Such good choices.
Jayne Honnold said…
Hooray! Glad you were successful in removing the stains. I must compliment you on your applique work - it is gorgeous. I need to work at perfecting my technique in this area - I have a long-standing reluctance to devote myself to it. And I don't know why because I love the look of applique!
What beautiful fabrics and colours together. You obviously have quite a good eye!
vupcali said…
Hey...That is my line in the commercial "The stain is gone"...:)
vupcali said…
Hey...That is my line in the commercial "The stain is gone"...:)

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