Sunday, May 22, 2016

Finished my nosegay quilt

with the scalloped border.  But, I put it away without taking a picture.

I find that my taste in quilting is changing a little.  I look at the tops hanging up downstairs and am no longer content to just embrace a fabric line, quickly piece it from someone else's pattern, and then lightly quilt it.

I have tops that I'm no longer "in love" with.  They don't express the quilter I've become.  I'm giving one of them to a group that machine quilts things for the Festival of the Trees.  Maybe they'll want more than one.

I used to feel true bliss as I sat in front of my sewing machine and cranked out top after top.  Now I want what I do to be an expression of who I am, how I feel about things, and I want it to say something that will be important to the next generation that inherits it.

I guess that's a lot to ask.

I am no longer content to just check off the items on my mental list.  I don't want what I do to just be another finish in the long line of finishes.

And, that's the way I feel about my most recent completed project.  Nothing special . . . just done.


Karen said...

Robin, I am much like you. I have given away quilt tops....many of them, because my taste has changed or I am not so love with the design after all. I have donated to a church thrift store at times because their money goes towards helping the hungry. And someone ends up with a bargain that must make them happy because I have never seen one lingering in their store stock.

Jill said...

Sometimes a quilt is a big project and we are tired of it upon completion. I put mine away for awhile. When I do bring it out, I appreciate the quilt (or top) more. Some people piece because they like the process more than the end result. That is okay.