New idea!

I calculated how many blocks I would need to complete the nine-patch pinwheel quilt top and discovered that I needed five more blocks to have the border work out.  So, I cut out five more blocks (see previous post) and sat down at the sewing machine when I could squeeze in a few minutes.

 100 HSTs all pressed

200 Dog ears trimmed

Sewn into the next units

Pressed again

Pinwheels waiting for a trim

5 blocks assembled - sigh~

Experimenting with border zigzag

Now I can get back to assembling the quilt top.  I reworked my plan on graph paper and found that I really needed 10 more blocks not five.  Not to worry, while working with the previous five, I came up with another idea which I'm kind of excited about.  Now to put it into action!!!

I'm going to put some lettering on the quilt, something reminiscent of childhood because this fabric line is in crayon box colors.

Stay tuned. . . . . . . .


Frog Quilter said…
Love the little pinwheels. So cute and how you experiment.
Janet O. said…
This quilt just exudes cheerfulness!
I'm glad the miscalculation didn't throw you for a loop. I am curious now to see what you have dreamed up. : )
Nancy said…
This is such a fun quilt. I've never made pinwheels before. I have trouble with four seams meeting and can't imagine getting 8 seams to meet in the middle! Yours looks fabulous. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole quilt!

I hope you'll tell us what your new ideas is soon.

--Nancy. (ndmessier @,
Kaja said…
I like this version of pinwheels a lot and your plans for the rest of the quilt sound really interesting: I always like to see lettering incorporated in a quilt. I look forward to seeing the next stages.

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