Quilt talking back~

You know how you plan a quilt
 with certain fabric in mind 
and a fun pattern.

And then you push ahead only to find out what you had visualized in your mind wasn't the way the quilt wanted to be made?

I planned on making this nine-patch pinwheel quilt top using American Jane "Potluck" line.  I loved the shaded alternate blocks and especially the zigzag border.  Lovely, lovely.

So I faithfully made 64 blocks (which took forever!!!) and started cutting out Kona Snow for the alternate blocks - NO!  It stopped me in my tracks because it was so wrong.

I searched my stash and came up with a darling conversational print from years ago.  But. . . I couldn't cut it for the alternate blocks on point or it would be sideways.  If I cut it out so it was upright - all the seams would be bias.

I decided to use a straight set (above).  That would mean a different configuration so I began picking blocks apart.  I need to sew it 12 blocks by 11 blocks to get the zigzag border placement correct.

Changing the setting means making 5 more nine-patch pinwheel blocks - gasp!  I am so over making these blocks but alas. . .

I cut out 220 more pieces and began to sew.

100 half square triangles.

                                    to be continued. . . . . . . . 


Karen said…
Sometimes directional prints can throw you for a loop. In this case, you ended up with more work and I admire that you are sticking with it. I probably would have put the project away to let it percolate some more and forgot it.
Janet O. said…
Kudos to you for digging in and getting it done. I'm afraid if it was mine it would be in the closet by now. But it is much too happy a quilt to have to hide away in a closet. Can't wait to see the finished top!

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