virtual Gwennie inspired quilt

I really wanted to join this Gwen Marston inspired QAL.  It looks like so much fun!  But, alas, I will only do it in my dreams. They had the reveal of the first border  last week and it was so much fun to see what everyone has done.  Debra just revealed her quilt today and the fireflies in the border are delightful

My center medallion would have a patriotic Maggie Bonanomi feel with  the basket holding  some fruit and it would have to have an American flag.  I love the pattern below.

The border has the theme of "childhood" and would have to represent my 33 cousins because they were all an important part of my childhood.  We would get together for picnics and camp outs in Logan Canyon or Bear Lake.  I remember the summer we visited the cousins in Boise and their rabbit had just had babies.  What more could a 10 yr. old want than a soft cuddly baby bunny?  I thought about embroidering all their names on different colored strips of fabric like a piano key border.

Some teenage cousins - I'm on the far right.

I instantly had an inspiration for the next border themed "Log Cabin".   But I won't share that idea yet.  Too bad I'm not really making the quilt because it's a fabulous idea.

Thanks to all of you who ARE actually participating in this QAL and are making it so much fun to follow along.  I look forward to the amazing ideas that appear next month.

Also, is have a 20% off deal on the DNA kits today.  I ordered one.  It's going to be so hard to wait the 6-8 wks. for the results.  I keep thinking about what the results might be because your parents only give you a random half of their DNA in the 23 chromosomes that make up the egg or sperm, there are all kinds of possibilities.  There's a great little film here that explains a lot.

Have a great day!

PS  I only have 13 more blocks (see previous post)


Karen said…
I like that compote full of fruit design that you show. Too bad you don't have time to participate for real as I know you would come up with a great design.
Janet O. said…
Sounds like you should be participating! What a great center block you would have.
Love the photo of you and your cousins. : )
Robin, it sounds as though you ARE participating!!! Such great childhood memories - my cousins were and are, still great and those memories would have been nice to incorporate. Love your idea for the center medallion, too - I almost made mine more patriotic other than just the colors I used! You could jump in at any time, you know! LOL Can't wait to hear what your idea is for the next round of Log Cabins.

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