a couple of intermediate finishes

I finished appliqueing one of the four August blocks for the 1857 quilt.  It turned out better than I thought it would and that is always a bonus.

Do you like my make-shift ironing board?  It's a bread board with a wash cloth.
Hey, it works!

I'm starting the most difficult of the four blocks.  It has intertwining circles to make up a larger circle.  It can't easily be done with back basting applique which is my preferred method.  So I am trying the starch basting applique.  I just happened to have some "Ultimate Applique Template Paper" by Pearl P. Pereira Designs that is thicker and a little waxier than freezer paper.

Donuts for the next 1857 block.

I hope it turns out alright.  And, isn't as tedious as I expect it to be.
I'm doing it in a pink/yellow combination.  The yellow looks very gold in the picture but it's the back side of the fabric and not an accurate representation.

Now, on to the border.

I finished the applique lettering on the aptly name "Zip a dee doo dah" quilt top.  I needled turned the letters and it was pretty awkward in the center of the lines.  If doing this starch basting method turns out, I will probably use it when I need lettering again.  I know many of you already do this but it's a new technique for me.

Have a nice Sunday,


Karen said…
I like that you centered the design of the blue fabric in the center of your 1857 block. Block is very pretty and well done.
That first 1857 blocks looks wonderful! I am half way through that one and not looking forward to those donuts :) I have not even started the prep for that but I promised myself only 2 blocks per month going forward unless I felt like more...

That quilt of yours is a fun one ! :)

Freezer paper...I usually trace out my shapes on one piece, then iron it to another, or even 2 more if I am going to use that template alot....much thicker and easier that way.
Oh that block looks like a very challenging applique block. I like back basting too so I look forward to your progress on this one. It's good to know more than one technique, they sure come in handy
Quilter Kathy said…
You are doing a fantastic job on these 1857 blocks! Really! I love your blocks and the fussy cutting on this one makes it even more interesting! Good luck with the donuts!
maggie fellow said…
beautiful applique - I'm also a member of the church in Indiana. My daughter lives in Payson Utah.
Deb A said…
Wow! Your blocks are looking fabulous. I have yet to print off the August ones... that donut one has me so intimidated. Please pass on any tips as you make it please.
CathieJ said…
I like the fussy cutting on your appliqued block. I am looking forward to seeing those circles put together. Enjoy your stitching.
Janet O. said…
A whole post of multiple applique projects! I am in awe!!
I really like your happy quilt with the lettering. : )
Nancy said…
That first block is just beautiful. I'm thinking it was in a Brackman Civil War book, maybe called Order No. 8 (or 7, or some such). It is one I would love to make but I think I have to hone my applique skills before attempting it.

Your nine-patch with the lettering is such fun. The blocks are vibrant, perfect for the meaning of the lettering you're adding.

--Nancy. (ndmessier @ aol.com, joyforgrace.blogspot.com)

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