It's working!

Two donuts starch basted and ready to sew down

I trimmed and clipped the center. I sprayed the starch into a small bottle and waited for the foam to turn into liquid.  Then I dabbed it around the center fabric with a small paintbrush.

Using my Clover applique iron, I pressed the clipped edges to the applique paper.

Then I dabbed liquid starch around the outside of the piece and gradually pressed it over the applique paper.
The starch method leaves a softly pressed edge around the outside.

I slowly removed the paper.  It came out easily.
I used Untimate Applique Template Paper by P3

Another time I think I'll try using multiple pieces of regular freezer paper pressed together to make it a little thicker.

Using my light box, I put the pattern under the block, positioned the circles, and pinned them in place.  I made a cut where the yellow circle goes under the pink one.
This process turned out to be much easier than I was expecting.  It will still be a little tedious getting all the donuts into position and sewing them down.  But, overall, I'm glad I tried this new method of starch basting.

Upward and onward to all of you who haven't done this block yet.
Don't let it discourage you.
It isn't as hard as I thought it would be.


Janet O. said…
Beautiful job, Robin. This block would definitely have me running in the opposite direction, if I was making these blocks!
I have to tell you that at first I thought you were making the Olympic rings, when I just caught a glimpse of the thumbnail of this post. : )
my goodness look at all of your neat little clips around the circle! :)

It's funny..I had wondered how to do this block, had it explained to me, decided that it wouldn't be that bad, and then while sewing a diamond on to another block the other day, I realized how tired I was of this...I think it's the background fabric that I chose..more peachy than the antique tan that I thought I was getting on clearance.

ANYWAY I think I might more to go to make a nice lap size top, then keep on saving the patterns for something in another colorway...

Love the show and tell / tutorial you have going on here though! :)
Nancy said…
One of my readers sent me a video of this method just last week. I haven't tried it yet but now two people have recommended it, I'll have to give it a try when next I need it. This will be a charming block when you are finished. The colors are beautiful together.
--Nancy. (ndmessier @,
Karen said…
You used a good method to conquer the interlocking circles. Thanks for showing how you are doing it.

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