Two more and Halloween/Christmas

Two more blocks for  the 1857 quilt.  I think I have reached my limit.  I have appliqued 30 blocks so far in this QAL and 30 is enough for me.

The lower triangle is a bit wonky and that is after repairing it.  You should have seen it before the tlc.

I am in the process of sewing them in one unit, 5 blocks by 6 blocks.  I have already appliqued the fleur de lis border units.  Soon I will be able to show all that I've completed in one whole.

October went by so quickly.  I still haven't decorated for Halloween.  I don't think it's going to happen this year.

Cute crocheted decorations my daughter Tina made a few years ago.

I need to get busy on my Christmas Shopping.  I like to shop this time of year because the stores are full of merchandise and not too many shoppers.  People are waiting for the DEALS that come on Black Friday and afterwards.  I don't have very many people to shop for since I just give my grown up kids $$$$.  That has simplified the shopping for me.

Notice the quilt made into curtains.

I decided that some people are true gift givers.  My sister is one of those amazing people. She loves to shop for just the right item and is so delighted to present the gift.  To me, it is just too much stress to be responsible for all that happiness.  I'm not a Grinch, I'm simply not a natural at this.  Although I descend from the greatest gift giver of them all - my mother.  Nothing brought her more happiness than figuring out an idea, hunting for just the right item at the right price, carefully wrapping the gift, (she had a knack), and then offering her heart wrapped up with the bow.  She was terrific and she made Christmas magic.  Instead of inheriting her ability, I was carefully trained to become a gracious gift receiver, trying to give her the reaction that would please.

(It's crazy what we figure out when we analyze things.)

Back to Halloween, I hope your day is filled with fun surprises, great costumes, yummy treats, and family.


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Your latest blocks look wonderful!!

we are having such mild weather this weekend where I am it doesn't feel like halloween let alone thinking about christmas lol

I find I do more and more shopping online when it comes to buying things for the grandkids...there's more variety and it is certainly easier.
Deb said…
Those blocks are just lovely, the crocheted items for Halloween your daughter made a re sweet.
I love your beautiful blocks! I haven't decorated for Halloween either--maybe next year! I feel bad since I have so many fun decorations, but if I bring them out, at some point I will have to put them away--lol!
maggie fellow said…
The blocks are beautiful. The world is a different place now with gift giving. Everything is so avaiable and from everywhere. It is overwhelming.
Great blocks. I love that polka dot background. I had some of that fabric and have used it up, now I wish I had bought a bolt of it! Happy stitching
Pam said…
Your 1857 blocks are so nice! Very nice fabric choices. I would like to see them all spread out together. Christmas can get very stressful. I am an advocate for stress reduction!
Deb A said…
I love your 1857 blocks. I really need to get back to mine. I am 3 months behind! I just got out a few more of my halloween things... just not too into decorating this year. At least I can keep most out through November when I change to Christmas. I agree with you on the stress of gift giving. So much nicer to just enjoy the company of friends and family.
Karen said…
I like both of your blocks. I have had to set the project aside and work on other projects that need attention. Still saving the patterns though.
Janet O. said…
Your blocks look really good. Sometimes you just know when you are done with a project, don't you?
I loved your thoughts on the holidays, decorating, and gift giving/receiving. Like you, I stress too much over trying to pick out the perfect gift. Even when I shop for a baby shower gift I may be in the baby department for an hour or more! Money and gift cards simplify my life. And I really enjoy receiving them, so why not gift them? : )
Great quilt/curtains!
Summer said…
Your blocks are really nice ♥
Quilter Kathy said…
I can definitely relate to your thoughts about shopping :)
These are fabulous blocks... lots of small circles with lovely fussy cutting... so pretty!

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