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Because I didn't have to. . .

Well, I completed the Cross Stitch Christmas stockings (by sewing on the red corduroy on the back, inserting the previously made lining, and putting some faux fur around the top).  It was time to look for the next thing to work on.  I've been wanting to clean my sewing room since January but knew it would take some serious time.  I didn't want to take any time away from the stockings or the quilt in the hoop so I delayed tackling the job until yesterday.
It's always hard shifting from a project that I've been working on for a while and getting the rhythm going for the new project.
I decided to start with the big basket of scraps.  I took a bag off of the top of the pile.  Inside the bag was all the leftovers from a baby quilt I made for one of my grandson's four years ago.  I say one of my grandsons because I got 3 that year.  I took the fabric out and found 22 blocks already made along with some big pieces of the leftover fabric.   "Hmmmmmmm,"  I said t…

Christmas never seems to end. . .

around here.  I am currently working on three projects and they are all Christmas themed.

The first is all but done  It is my Peppermint Quilt from the book  "Quilting the Garden"  by Blackbird Designs.  It is all quilted and bound.  It just needs a label and a sleeve so I can hang it above my couch next Christmas.  I hate to put it away without the sleeve because when I'm ready to decorate it will be frustrating if the quilt needs a sleeve before it can be hung.

I quilted a baptist fan around the border.  It went fast and filled up the space well.  I would do it again.  I wanted a design that didn't call attention to itself since it would almost be lost in the floral fabric.

I quilted stars on the vases and baskets in red thread so it would not detract from the applique flowers.

It is a pretty little quilt, only measuring  61 1/4" square.

It took me 5 months to hand quilt it because of all the distractions.  Christmas itself was the biggest distraction but I s…

Doll Swap Quilt Done

I finished hand quilting my Doll Swap Quilt (can't show you yet) and decided to make a little quilt out of the leftovers (above).  It is about 12" X 10".  I machine quilted in the ditch along the vertical stripes and then hand quilted down the center of the stripe.  It turned out so cute.

I rearranged the shelf above my kitchen.  I often decorate for holidays and once it was just full of my bear collection.  But this time I wanted to do nostalgic items.  With a few small quilts thrown in for color and Hey, I'm a quilter.

This is the left side.  I rolled up quilts and put them in my enameled kettle.  I put a small mug rug inside the 1/2 gallon mason jar.  My new little quilt is hung above my beehive muffin pan.  I put that in to balance the color of the cherry pitter on the other side.  Then a hand grinder that was my grandmothers, a 50's metal canister from my MIL's kitchen with a spool of lace on top is put into place.

The center section has once of my favo…