Doll Quilt Swap Reveal part 2 (It came)

I received the lovely little quilt from Tammy Morrow in Alberta Canada yesterday.  It was well worth the wait.  The colors are each something I would have picked out myself.  The workmanship is exquisite.  And look at that cute border fabric.  I am very pleased.

The label is impressive too.  I'm going to have to look into printing some labels.  This is so much more legible than my hand written ones.

I nestled it inside the drawer of my entry cabinet for a photo.  Doesn't it look cute there?

She also sent this card only the dogs are sitting around a quilt - ha!  And 2 pieces of fabric that I can use in something to remind me of this swap.  Thank you, thank you Tammy.

Thanks to all who participated in the Doll Quilt Swap - ESPECIALLY LORI AT HUMBLE QUILTS.


Our youngest son graduated from Utah State University last Saturday  We woke up to the lovely sky above.

We are so proud of him.  He received his BS in Civil Engineering and already is working in Holladay.

He always does something quirky for pictures................

I think I can pick him out of this group that was pictured on the jumbo-tron.  For someone whose hearing is diminishing slightly, it was nice to have all the speaker's words up there to read too.  I didn't miss a thing.

We had one meeting at 9:30am and another at 2:30pm.  By the time we got out of the 2nd  the thunder cracked and and rain came down.  Look back at the picture of the sunrise I'm thinking, "Red sky in morning, sailor take warning!"



Lori said…
Wow! I love the little quilt and glad it finally arrived. Te international mail seems to be taking much longer these days. I'm waiting for 3 more quilts to get to their destination and they are all international.
Congrats to your son!!
Karen said…
You scored a winner with the doll quilt you received. One that you can be proud to display.
Congratulations to the graduate! An accomplishment to be proud of.
The quilt is lovely and congratulations to your son!! :)
Anonymous said…
I am so pleased that you love your little quilt! It looks wonderful hanging from your cabinet. Have a great day, Robin!

Tammy Morrow
High River, AB
Nancy said…
That's a great little quilt. I remember seeing that pattern in a book (maybe Jo Morton's or --I can't remember whose) and loved it. What a great gift for you!

Congratulations to your son on his graduation.

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