Doll Quilt Swap Reveal Part I

The quilt has arrived in Australia so I can show it here.  It measured about 18" square.    I didn't get a very good picture of the completed quilt.  The colors look a little muddy in the picture above.

And then, from the leftovers, I made me a little quilt (below)  which I've shown here before.  It is about 12" X 14".  The colors in this little quilt are truer to the original.

I also made a little surprise quilt  for my swap partner.  It is only about 4" X 8".

Then I wrapped it around a little gift and tied it with ribbon.

And this is the surprise inside.  I made a tiny doll for this doll quilt swap.  So the doll that the first quilt was made for - can have a dolly too.

Too fun!

I haven't received my quilt from Canada yet.  I'm haunting the mailbox!!!


Janet O. said…
What a wonderful little quilt! So are the blocks about 4" finished? Really nice job, Robin. And hand quilted, too. I hope the quilter that received this is completely thrilled!
Very cute how you made little quilts from the leftovers--and the doll is an extra special touch! : )
Nancy said…
Oh my gosh, what an amazing little quilt, Robin! Quilts like this are why I can't participate in this doll quilt swap!!! I love the colors and fabrics you used and that little doll is adorable. I'm eager to see the quilt you receive.
Such great little quilts, Robin!! Whomever is receiving will absolutely adore them!!! Hope yours arrives soon!!
Karen said…
Those flying geese units must be very small. And very well done.
How delightful! What a clever and thoughtful idea to make a mini for the dolly!
Kate said…
Very pretty! And oh such tiny pieces. You do gorgeous stitching.
Ramona said…
Wow! Your swap quilt is gorgeous! I am sure your recipient will be thrilled. And your little surprise doll... just precious.
oh my goodness you are amazing! :)

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