Start and then not finish. . .

 GASP!  I found this quilt online last week.  I was totally enamored!!  It's called the Urban Owls Quilt and it's looks like it would be SO fun to make.

I have to be careful.  I just finished a big project and so I'm ready to start another.  Looking for new BOMs is not a safe thing to do.

I've done this before.  Some examples are the 3 books above.

How many have started the Civil War Bride quilt only to have it languishing in a box or on a shelf?

I have wanted to make the Phoebe quilt for years.  I even signed up for a BOM only to get cold feet and cancel it a week later.  I'm sure the quilt shop wasn't very happy with me.  I still love that center.  Maybe, I should just make the center.  I later bought Di Ford's book (pricey but well worth it) Primarily Quilts that has the pattern within.    Primarily Quilts is currently unavailable  at Amazon but Primarily Quilts 2 has recently been published and is available at Quiltmania.

And then there is sweet Dear Jane.  I bought the book, I bought all the rulers, and that's as far as it has gone.  Elaine at Emily's Cupboard has recently started a Dear Jane Quilt.  It's worth a look to see the fabrics she has chosen.  This is her 3rd or 4th attempt to make a Dear Jane Quilt.  She didn't like her earlier fabric choices. She has the "Don't Give Up" attitude.

And then there's this very colorful quilt, the Roseville Album Quilt.  I purchased this pattern while my son was serving a mission in Roseville California in 2010.  It seemed so appropriate. . .

Hmmmm, I see a bump that needs repairing

I worked on the left border for about 2 months and then wasn't enjoying myself so I put it in a box, under the bed, in the downstairs bedroom.

So. . .  to continue this long story, [Drum Roll] I talked myself out of joining the Urban Owls Quilt BOM and decided to work on the Roseville Quilt.

Since working on it seven years ago I've discovered back-basting applique.  It makes doing this quilt and making sure the fussy cut pieces are in the right place so much easier!!!  I worked on the 1857 quilt with Sentimental Stitches and my applique skills improved exponentially.  It's now a delight to work on this quilt.

I can't guarantee I'll finish the whole quilt.  I'm taking it one block or panel at a time.

Please tell me about the quilts you want to make that you haven't gotten around to or tell me about the dreams that got away.  We're all in this together~


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Ramona said…
Wow! That is a stunning quilt. I can see why you were drawn in and were tempted. I, too, get all excited and have my finger hovering over the "buy" button, but then common sense kicks in and I walk away. Of course, if you could see my sewing room, you would see that I have plenty of things to keep me busy. Enjoy being reintroduced to Roseville!
Oh Robin, neither of us have the time to list all the projects I have started and never finished - wink! I say start what you like and if it doesn't get done, it will eventually be someone else's problem! I have given a lot of UFO's to my group's annual auction so I guess it does help someone in the long run. And, just thinking about starting a new project got you to work on Roseville again, so, you see dreaming about a new project can be helpful. Just have fun!
Janet O. said…
I can tell you that not one of my "dream" quilts involve applique--though I had bought the Dear Jane book years ago, planning to make all of the pieced blocks.
I have a double wedding ring that I love--started and got all of the arcs sewn and everything else cut. Just the fun of assembly awaits, and I can't bring myself to face it.
I purchased the Nearly Insane book after I gave up on Dear Jane. Haven't started. I think you get the idea, so I will stop there.
Your current project is gorgeous. I admire the way you tackle ambitious things!
Karen said…
I'm with you. Lots of good intentions with many large size quilt patterns purchased. I have some blocks made for the Bountiful Life quilt. I even have the Australian version pattern of that same quilt.
JoanG said…
I just finished the sixth center block of the Roseville Album quilt. I'm loving it and the exuberant colors just make me smile whenever I look at it. I am doing it a a block of the month for 18 months. I have at least 15 large quilts I'd love to be adding to my list of things to make.
maggie fellow said…
Oh you do like a challenge - your applique work is wonderful. Roseville is such a great sentimental idea.
audrey said…
This post made me laugh.:) I downloaded Love Entwined for a couple months and then caught myself. Nope. Too much work! Bought the Nearly Insane book and just looked through it. Have a New York Beauty book that WILL happen someday. In the far, far future. Love the Phoebe, Auntie Green and Sweet Williams quilts so much, but well, I just don't do well with patterns these days. I get bored or something because I know what the ending is? Oh well. There's the Bring Me Flowers book I bought last summer. Maybe I can at least do part of it!
Oh yes, I can totally relate to this! It's been difficult, but I've managed to stay focused on finishing instead of starting (except for the new 4" x 5" Block Anthology--oops!). I have a Mrs. Billings top that is partially done and hope to finish it by the end of this year. Good luck with Roseville--it looks wonderful so far!
Your post made me smile, oh yes, I too can relate! And I'm sure we are not the only ones! Happy to say while I do have lots of 'starts', I also get a few finishes too!
Your 'roseville' quilt is looking wonderful!
Judy Hansen said…
FYI - Since Judy Laquidara is no longer doing "Design Wall Mondays", I talked to her and got permission to continue Design Wall Mondays at my blog:

I hope to see your posts on future Mondays, Judy Hansen

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