Little Juicy Fingers

 I've been working on another block for the Roseville Album Quilt.  I'm calling this one the Father's Day block.  (More on that later.)  I applique at my little rocking settee in the dining area.  The morning light shines in through the window behind me as I sit and stitch.  It is such good lighting but, alas, it is also quite near the food preparation and eating area.  Hince the stains on the top and bottom of my block.  GASP!

I think it was from the grandkids but at this point it isn't about the blame - it's about how am I going to get these stains out.  The block was folded in half so I have a big stain at the bottom and a smaller stain at the top of the block.

This is the delightfully delicious culprit of the the red fingers who touched my block to probably move it out of the way so they could sit on a stool at the bar and continue to nibble to their little hearts content.

You can see the block in the background.  I need to remember to move it into another room when I baby-sit each week.

So. . . .   any thoughts on how to remove raspberry stains?

Back to the block's name - I'm calling this the "Father's Day" block because these little blossoms remind me of carnations.  Years ago when my DH was seated on the stand each Sunday, I would get him a carnation boutonniere on Father's Day.  He seemed to like it.

I've decided to finish appliquing the block and then try and remove the stain.  If it's a stubborn one - I'll just figure out a way to applique over it.

You just never know. . .


Nancy said…
You do such fine hand applique -- not a single stitch shows! Amazing.

I understand that raspberries do not leave a permanent stain so maybe a gentle wash will do? But if not, I've had great success using a product called Goop, available in the auto department of large stores and sometimes in the laundry section. It is like a cream that one rubs into dry fabric then, after letting it rest a bit of time, washes out. It seems really gentle on fabric. If you buy it, I recommend the tub, not the tube.
Janet O. said…
Nice fussy-cutting on this block, and I love how you came up with the name for it. : )
I have used Oxy-Clean to soak out stains, but I haven't used it on quilt blocks, so I don't know what it will do where there is red fabric involved. Sounds like Nancy has a good option!
Ramona said…
I was going to suggest oxy-clean, too. Maybe test it on some fabric scraps first? I love the striped Kaffe fabric you are using! So lovely.
Karen said…
I have no real solution to the raspberry problem (wish I had been there to eat some as I love raspberries). We have good luck with Shout before laundering for getting stains out of clothes. Maybe it would work.
The title of this had me intriqued...oh my what a shame! I would try Dawn dish detergent plus every stain removal product in the grocery store then add regular clothes detergent and hope for the best, I guess!
I know you have now gotten your raspberry stains all taken care of but I wanted to tell you about my experiences. I had a vintage quilt top given to me a few years back that was covered with what appeared to be blood stains and mouse urine stains. Of course they had been there for close to 80 years so I wasn't sure I could get them out. I went ahead and marked and hand quilted the quilt trying to stay true to the time period it had been made in. After it was all quilted and bound I filled my washing machine with warm water, no soap and lots and lots of Oxyclean. I then let it soak for two or three days with an occasional gentle swish. After rinsing it until it was clean I hung it on my deck railing in the sunshine to dry . Every single bit of gunk was gone and it is sparkling clean. No damage to the quilt or the fabric. I always recommend it for removing stains now!

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