January is a fun month

 because there is so much time for sewing.  I've been working on the Cheri Payne quilt.  I made the USA strip but it wasn't long enough so I added that extra blue piece (which I don't like and will replace with something else) to make it long enough.  

I replaced that blue strip with a neutral one.  It looks much better.

I spent so o o o o o o long auditioning fabrics for the log cabin block.  It shouldn't be so hard!

I've got the cabin appliqued and am working on the black bird.  Then I'll do the embroidered flag on the right and a vine with flowers on the left.  There are embroidered words at the bottom.

The cabin is supposed to have quite a few windows but I'm wondering if the plaid will compete with the embroidery.  I guess I'll just give it a go and see.

I've also been working on the right panel of the Roseville quilt.  It doesn't look like much in this state but it's progress.

This morning I decided I was tired of all the pieces of the On Ringo Lake Quilt getting in my way as I prepped my applique blocks.  So, I sat in front of the sewing machine until all 50 blocks were done.

It makes me happy to know that step is done.

And I've spent a number of hours in front of the frames.  I need to spend a lot more time but today it didn't happen because of the block sewing.

And here is my "Garden Gnome" climbing down from taking the Christmas lights down.  I wonder how many more years he'll be able to do this.  Somebody should tell him it's unwise to climb a tree when you're 66 yrs.

As you can see, there is no snow on the ground.  It was in the 50's today but that made it mild for President Monson's funeral and burial.

Hope you're enjoying the indoor time that January affords.



Karen said…
I will enjoy seeing your progress on the patriotic Cheri design. I need to finish the last corner section on the one I started ages ago. I am hoping seeing others making the quilt will inspire me to finish.
Janet O. said…
Wow--you are productive! I think you have accomplished more this past week than I have, and I was at retreat.
Your log cabin applique block is very cozy looking.
Love the way you did Bonnie's Mystery in Christmas colors.
Another amazing piece of the Roseville quilt!
And hand quilting besides! You put me to shame. :)
Your hubby seems much like mine. What can you do?
Frog Quilter said…
Love all the things you are doing and getting accomplished. So pretty and organized. Like me I have multiple projects on the go.
You got so much done and it all looks wonderful!
moosecraft said…
That is a very pleasant way to look at January! :-) It was always my least favorite month...until I discovered indoor hobbies! lol! Your projects are beautiful...always great to have colorful fabrics within view during the winter! :-) Stitch on!
Lori said…
Your Liberty blocks are coming along nicely. I didn't add the windows, although i think they are really cute, because the quilt is going to be busy enough! I love your house fabric and don't think it needs the windows.
Sue Daurio said…
Can't wait to see your On Ringo Lake together, that's going to be stunning.
Ann said…
Very productive. I like your color change of ORL.
Kaja said…
I'd need 3 months to get done what you have accomplished already!

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