The inside out block

I finished another block for the Roseville Album Quilt by Kim McLean.  I call it the 'Iniside Out' block because of the reverse applique on the basket.  I'm not very experienced with reverse applique but I think it turned out pretty good.

The pattern called for the 3 main flowers to have reverse applique too.  But, I chose to fussy cut them instead.

I like the way the little circles sparkle at the bottom of the basket.  They look like little crystal cut outs.

And here is a picture (above) of how the block looks with some of the others.  I think it fits in fine.

I've got my fabric all neatly organized and ready for beginning the next block.

The next block will require a woven basket.  I'm auditioning some fabrics but  noticed that I've used all but the orange on previous baskets.  I need to figure out what my other options are.

I seem to be quite organized and orderly with the Roseville Album project but look at my fabric stash below for the Sweet Land of Liberty Quilt project.

It is just in stacks and piles on the floor near my ironing board.  It actually looks quite good in this picture compared to some days.  How can one project be so tidy and another so messy?

I don't know but it works for me.  I'm in the process of revamping the Lady Liberty block.  The one on the pattern looks like the king of America instead of a lady.  I'm using one of  Cheri Payne's other patterns to design the block hoping it will look like it fits in when I'm done.

I bought this book on Saturday.  I love Janet Clare's lines Hearty Good Wishes and More Hearty Good Wishes by Moda.  Once I saw the fabric online I was too late to buy much yardage.  Then luckily I found a quilt kit (again online) that was on sale.  I watched it and watched it trying to decide if I really wanted it.  Finally, after a year, it was still available and I purchased it.  You can't accuse me of impulse buying on this one - ha!

I've never lived by the ocean but I love the romance of it all.  And I love the colors.  It reminds me of a line in the book Sarah Plain and Tall by Patricia McLachlan where she talks about the colors of the sea being blue and green and gray.  That so impressed my youngest daughter, when she read the book for the first time, that she crocheted a rug in those colors.

This is one of the photographs from the book.  It is just a little framed piece.  I love how she has quilted a feather length through the design to show movement.  Her newest line if Freya and Friends.  The colors are soft and sweet.

But for now, I need to work and finish my other projects before I start something seaworthy.  And I need to enjoy the process.

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Oh the block is gorgeous! I'm not a fan of doing reverse applique, but this one was surely worth it as it really makes that block shine! I'm looking forward to your starting the Janet Clare quilt. I have lived (and worked) by the ocean all my life and on a day like today it is indeed gray. Actually, today it is gray and white as the wind is really howling. I do hope spring arrives before we have summer! This weather is crazy!
Janet O. said…
Robin, I am just in total awe of this block! It leaves me breathless. I can't imagine making anything so beautiful! This finished quilt will be such an heirloom. I hope your kids don't fight over it too much. :)
You definitely didn't impulse buy on that kit. Don't know that I've ever shown such patience. Look forward to seeing your work on this one. I love that line from Sarah Plain and Tall.
Janet O. said…
p.s. wanted to add that I think the style of quilt may be dictating the style of storage--formal and precise on the one, and less structured and prim on the other.
Wow! This is just beautiful !! Amazing work.
Cathy Tomm said…
Beautiful block. Love so much of what you have done, Blue pot, bright flowers and those little circles.
Karen said…
Wow! Vibrant block and well done. I like the fabric you used for the vase.
Nancy said…
This is a beautiful block, Robin -- bright, vibrant, and a joy to look at. There's so much detail and the fabrics are perfect. So very well done! It is strange how we can be neat with one project and less neat with another. But if you think about it, Cheri's Sweet Land of Liberty quilt is very busy with lots of different fabrics and applique pieces everywhere, a little like your stack of fabric for the quilt, and your other blocks are so precise and accurate, like your box of fabric for that quilt.
I hope you've had a great Sunday.

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