I couldn't leave it alone.  The border wasn't working and so I had folded it up and put it away.

Then I saw Audrey's post and loved the way her lettering looks.  I was reminded that I had borrowed the "Word Play" book from my friend with the intention of doing the lettering on this quilt.  I've changed my mind so many times on this border including;
1.  Appliqued words
2.  Words all around the border
3.  Pieced letters using alternate methods
4.  Various color combinations. . .

But nothing satisfied the vision I had in my head until I used the "Word Play" method. 

There are sheep in the fabrics I used, hence the scripture.  Thanks for the reminder Audrey.

I love it!


Janet O. said…
Absolutely perfect, Robin! I love this! You did such an excellent job of creating this, and the border with scripture couldn't get any better.
Ann said…
Wonderful solution. Isn't it fun to add words to our quilts? I've done it once. You and Audrey remind me it's time to use my words again.
Karen said…
I love quilts or fabric with words. Good idea.
Cathy said…
I really love your quilt. It brings a smile to my face. Hugs
audrey said…
This is awesome! The words really do make your quilt look special.:)
Anonymous said…
Quite lovely
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kaja said…
I love it! How cool, too, that you found a solution that made you happy with this quilt again.
Beautiful, I really must try to put some letters on my quilts. I think its a great way to say more in a quilt. I am following your blog now. And thank you for visiting my blog too. Cheers!
Nancy said…
What a wonderful solution to the border problem you were having in an earlier post, Robin. It seems like the perfect finish!

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