Sunday, November 2, 2014

On the road stitching

When we go out of town to help the missionaries (which has been 3 days a week for the past two weeks) we have to go and come through Milwaukee traffic on the highways.  It makes me so nervous to see the red of the brake lights ahead and I physically put on my brake (on the passenger side) or let out a "OOOH!" before I know it.  Well, that makes my husband nervous so I've discovered I can sew these hexies while we are doing the stop and go of rush hour traffic and it makes us both more relaxed. 

I've got a little more done and wanted to show my progress.

This is a picture of a completed quilt in the hexie design I'm doing.

A couple of weeks ago I was able to snag a kit with "The Sprit of Christmas" fabric in it.  I love the stripe fabric and found this picture with it used as the border.  It's a beautiful quilt. The picture was unlabeled - if you know who the maker is please tell me.

I felt the same way Paulette did in this post when she shouted "Start the CAR!" when I found this kit. I'm looking forward to planning a way to use the fabric because (of course) I'm not going to make the quilt the way the kit intended.

We've got a full week this week with deliveries to Green Bay (lamps, box springs, desks, and blankets), and two zone conferences.  Next week we train our replacements - time is moving fast.

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