Friday, September 25, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Finish

before borders
I spent all day yesterday finishing the border for these 12" blocks.  I didn't expect to make such a big quilt when I began but it ended up being 82" X 99" with the borders.

I worked on 4 different quilts today.  
1. Framed and prepped an applique for a quilt center.
2. Quilted four blocks on the frames.
3. Cut apart plaid shirts & shorts for Billy"s quilt.
4. Layered and basted 1/2 of the bow tie quilt.

I need to concentrate on one thing at a time.  It gives rise to unwelcome anxiety to jump from 
project to project in the same day.

It was 93 degrees today.  Makes me double check the calendar.  Yes, it really is September 25th.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Oh, I forgot!

I finished this great quilt last week and forgot to do a post about  it.  It is Hallowe'en 1904 by Blackbird Designs.  The pattern is long out of print

It is just so festive.  It's Halloween, it's autumn, it gets you in the mood without being scary.

I "Big Stitched" it in black and orange thread.  The big stitches are just a little bigger than my regular stitches and I think it turned out to be fabulous!!!

This quilt stays right here - this one's for me.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Stars and Wormy Apples

Here are some close-ups of the quilt I mentioned in the previous post.  (Savery Friendship Star Quilt)

I was able to purchase a new battery for my camera and the charger came yesterday so I'm able to take and download pictures for the blog once again.

I am stitching this top with DMC size 12 thread in Ecru using a size 1 Milliner's needle.  The needle makes a large enough hole for the thread to glide through but I have to double knot the ends so  the knots don't glide through as well.

I love the way the quilting makes the stars pouf up.

Wish I had more of this fabric - sigh~

I'm just quilting around the stars, around the center, and on the outside of the blocks so it's going fast.

This quilt will be done in a couple of weeks which makes me happy.

Another thing that makes me happy is wormy apples.
I know that sounds weird but it's true.

We have a golden delicious tree out in the backyard and this year all it has is wormy apples.  As the wind blows them off of the tree I have been cutting around the damaged portion of the apple and cooking them for applesauce.  I love homemade applesauce.  The product that is for sale in the store is too smooth for me.  I want a chunky applesauce with minimal sweetness.  So, wormy apples make me happy because if I didn't have them - I wouldn't have anything.   Something is always better than nothing.

I made pickle relish this morning.  It didn't turn out as I had hoped.  Does anyone have a good hot dog relish recipe?

Monday, September 7, 2015


I was going to show you what is on the frames but my camera battery is dead and I can't find my charger anywhere.  It is so exasperating!  I remember putting the spare battery in to be charged and plugging the charger in an outlet.  That was two weeks ago and now there is no charger to be found and no spare battery.

 $70 later I have a spare battery and a charger on order.

All I can figure out is that the house guests we had for 3 wks - who have a similar camera - thought it was theirs and it's in a suitcase somewhere.  They said they didn't have it.  But, the gleam in my 3 yr.old grandson's eye is not to be trusted.

The quilt on the frames is my Savery Friendship Star Quilt.  It's been waiting in the queue long enough.

This is an old picture of the top.  I'm quilting it like the original which is just around the stars, the centers, and the block.  I'm doing it in a moderate "Big Stitch".  I love the way the star poufs up from the quilting.

I'll have to show you that "Pouf" when the battery charger gets here.  In the meantime, these pictures will have to do.

I made corn relish for the first time today.  I had some while I was in Wisconsin and it was delightful.  My version isn't sweet enough.  More sugar next time.

I haven't turned on a fan or cooler all day.  It's so nice.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Quiltful post

My bachelor uncle died while we were in Wisconsin last year.  My siblings and I got together in July to go through boxes and boxes of things that he has saved.  You might remember all the milk glass I posted here.  We finally found homes for all of it.

There were two wonderful quilts in amongst all the pictures, certificates, yearbooks, glassware, and WWII medals.  And because I quilt, they were given to me.  Wahoo!!

The first is a Bethlehem Star (I think) on white with a white backing.  The quilting is exquisite!  This was made by my Great Great Aunt Mollie.  Her full name is Mary Narcissa Davidson Emmons born 1854 in North Salem, Indiana and died 1940.

She was quite talented with her needle.  Did I mention the quilting is wonderful?  The quilt is all hand pieced and hand quilted.

I put my hand in the picture to give perspective.  She did such fine work.  I am honored to be the caretaker of this beautiful quilt.

Notice that purple sashing strip

The second quilt is made by my Great Aunt Nelle 1888 - 1961.  She was also from Indiana and lived in North Salem most of her life.  (She also made great pies!!!)

These churn dash blocks are made out of her husbands old work shirts with a few frivolous pieces tossed into the mix.  I recognize that pale blue floral in the block on the left.  It is also in one of her other quilts that I own.

Here is a picture of the other quilt with the same fabric as above.

I also recognize the blue, yellow and white plaid from the other quilt by Aunt Nell.  There is so much charm in each of her quilts.  She didn't really like to sew and made things to be productive during long winter evenings.

The quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted in a grid with white thread.  This quilt has wear.  I hope it's because it got used and not just wear from storage over the years.

I finished all the bow ties for this little quilt top.  I knew I wanted to set the blocks on point so they would actually look like bow ties.  I think I probably should have set them with an alternating solid block but I wasn't sure how big it would be till it was done.  It's a measly 45" X 64".  Not really big enough for any bed but a crib.  I'm auditioning fabrics for the border(s) to give it some extra girth.

I've been going through my stash extensively looking for just the right fabric.  I think I should go through my stash about twice a year just to remind myself of what I actually have.  I was so surprised to see some of the things I have.  I found a bag of leftovers from this quilt that I forgot I even had~
There is enough fabric to make another quilt!

I also found 2 yds. of a wonderful big bright floral from the 60's.  I've got to incorporate that into something.  It's too good to keep hidden in a plastic bin.

Well, I'm off to cut up windfall apples for applesauce, get the bread dough ready for Navajo tacos tonight with 3 of my kids and their kids coming over.

Also the U of U has their first football game tonight with Michigan.  My DH is so excited he can't sit still.  It's so fun to see him like that.  He won't be participating in the activities outside and if Son#1 has his way he'll be inside watching the game too.


Friday, August 28, 2015

A goulash kind of day

Goulash - an eclectic and uncoordinated mixture of something.

It is time for garden goulash.  It's a dish my mother-in-law made every summer.  It starts out with too many tomatoes from the garden simmered with hamburger, onions, green peppers, chilies, green beans, corn cut off the cob, sliced zucchini, and any other vegetable that might be over producing in your garden.  Spice it up with chili powder, smoked paprika, basil, garlic powder (salt & pepper) etc. etc. and serve it over fluffy rice.

I make it about 3 times a summer when the produce is piling up on my counter and I'm looking for something easy that lasts a few meals.

I'm trying to catch up on my labeling.  I made four labels today.

One for the Thomas Ross Quilt made 3 or 4 years ago.

One for the Blue and White Crown of Thorns quilt finished earlier in the spring.

One for the Hallawe'en 1904 quilt that I call "Adams Elementary Halloween Festival".  I will add the label as soon as I finish the binding.

And one for the scrap quilt called "Sunny Lanes" in the 1st Nickel book that also will be put on as soon as the binding is finished.

I'm in a bit of a bind (pun intended).  I can't get to my cutting mat to trim the Halloween and Scrap quilt so I can sew the binding on.  My sewing studio is cluttered with boxes and bow tie blocks

and all kinds of stuff that can't be put somewhere else  -  yet.    I am soooooooooooooo looking forward to the clean-out either tomorrow or Monday when my temporary house guests move into their new home.  They received the key today and are over there cleaning up and making ready for the furniture.

I am so itchy to just bulldoze all the excess out and just start with a sewing station and ironing board.  That sounds so cleansing somehow.

My house-guests have been fun to have around and they are more than welcome to stay if I could only get my space back but alas, I've had to move the 27 quilt tops hanging in the closet, clean out the whole double dresser of extra fabric and projects that overflowed from my sewing studio, remove the under the bed boxes full of fabric and projects, and even take my quilt frames upstairs.  We're crowded everywhere and it makes me unable to relax.

My youngest son's wedding was last Saturday.  It was absolutely lovely, the weather,

Even the sunrise was glorious~
 the events, the food and of course, the couple.

DD#1 crocheted this couple for display at the brunch.  Too cute!

DD#2 with her 2 yr. old monkey on her back

We're ready to start!!!

This was our sunrise earlier in the week with the smoke from the northwest filtering down all the way to Utah.  The air was pretty thick at times but nothing like those in the fire zones are still suffering through.  Hope we hear some good news about those fires soon.

Hope you're not too hot, not spending a lot of time peeling tomatoes like I am, and able to get to your sewing space.

I envy you~

Thursday, August 20, 2015

quilting on hold

Isn't life curious?  We're in the middle (well, close to the end) of wedding preparations and I'm not getting in much stitching time.  Usually when I can't get to the physical act of sitting before my sewing machine or quilt frames I compensate by shopping.  Looking at all the fabric and carrying a bag out of the quilt shop satisfies my need somehow - it's like planning a whole new project.

But, I'm restraining myself this time.  I have not been to a quilt store and I have not made any quilty purchases online.  It does help that I won a give-away at Pam Buda's blog and am expecting a squishy bag of fabric scraps in the mail.  The suspense is part of the fun - don't you think?

I'm doing a "Big Stitch" on my Sunny Lanes quilt at top and above.  The stitches are turning out to be pretty BIG.  I can't seem to find a middle ground between the tiny stitches for regular hand quilting and these huge stitches.  This quilt is a utility quilt so it doesn't need fine stitching and it is quilting up very fast.  (Another plus)

We have our oldest son and family living with us for 1 more week and then the wedding will be over so I'll be able to feel the creative juices flowing if I can just be patient.

I have sneaked down to the sewing room a few times to make a little progress on the bowtie quilt.  I'm not even sure how many squares I have, how big it will be, and what to use for the alternate squares.  Time enough for that next week.

 It's starting to feel like autumn in the mornings.  I've have this little pattern sitting where I can see it often.  Isn't it cute how faux stitches on the black fabric have been used.  Love that stripe.  This is from a previous Quiltmania magazine, probably last fall (2014).

I keep wondering why I am keeping these spools.  As I finish one up I just drop it in this jar.  Makes no sense whatsoever.  Any suggestions or does anyone out there need some spools?

The smokey skies from the fires in the NW

We went to the Draper Temple on Sunday.  The sun was shining brightly but my camera let me take a picture facing directly into it.  Camera's are amazing.  The sunlight was shining through the stained glass windows on the west to the windows on the east.  It looks like a flame inside.

See you next week with needle and thread.