Sweet Land of Liberty month 5

I finished the section for month 5 on the Sweet Land of Liberty SAL.  I wanted to do the tin soldier with his big heart but I made the background too dark for the embroidery to show up so I didn't do it.  I made three different skin colors on my rag doll blocks.  Then, for some reason, I sewed the blue star at an angle which made it difficult to put the flag in the hand of the black doll.  So I scooted it to the right and I think it looks okay.  I sure chose a bright red for that red star didn't I. 

This is the 2nd row of blocks for the quilt with the unit I just made.  I had to replace the lower flying geese piece on the left because the other one was the wrong size.  I also had to reverse the row of small blocks under the big star because I had sewn them so that the little black cat in the blue square was upside down.  Silly, I know, but it kept bothering me.

And here are all the units sewn together.  I had to replace the lower red piece on the basket because it was too muc…

Same old same old

But, at least I'm getting things done.  I finished the fruit basket block  And now it's on to the next one.

I've been waiting to use this purple flower fabric ever since I started the quilt.  Finally I found a place so I could use it.  This is going to be a fun block to do (except for more reverse applique).  The flower on the left has one stripe down the middle and two stripes on the side of reverse applique - sigh.

 I'm still working on this quilt in the hoop.  You can see the masking tape where I am quilting a straight line.  Just two more center squares and then it's the outside setting triangles.

And now the last pictures of my wisteria.  It really put on a show!!

This is the upper portion to the left in the first picture.  Too beautiful for words. . . . .


Another project

You know how sometimes you can't help yourself?

Well, I've been wanting to make this little piece for weeks.  It has baskets and chickens and TULIPS! I just got the center glued on and the outside squares cut out.  It's a pattern by Cheri Payne called Jane's baskets. No needle turn on this one.  I want to finish it before spring is over

It was 37 degrees when I got up.   That seriously is colder than I'm comfortable with for these flowers. Robin

Sweet Land of Liberty Month 4

It's time to show my progress on the Sweet Land of Liberty quilt by Cheri Payne.    So here it is. . .

I changed the 'Lady Liberty' block.  I used another pattern by Cheri Payne and reduced it's size.  I appliqued the word  "give" because the statue of Liberty always reminds me of the sonnet by Emma Lazarus called The New Colossus.

It ends with these lines;

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

I have the economy blocks done but not the flying geese.  I'll have to add those in next months update.

Interesting to be talking about this with the South Americans at our southern borders right now
seeking refuge.  They are "huddled masses yearning to breathe free"  I worry about them. . .

Last Sunday above and yesterday below.  It's almost in full bloom.  Yippee!


Monkey hands block done

This block went together quickly.  I started out with the woven section.  I used a pansy fabric and I think it turned out festive or cheerful.

I decided I wanted to repeat the yellow and so I made the dominant center flower yellow.  It originally had a yellow pansy where the pink calyx is now.  The pansy was so underwhelming.

I knew I wanted to use the purple fabric on either side of the yellow.  It tied in the purple in the basket base, top, and handles.  And it's a complimentary color so it makes the yellow stand out.

Then, it was trial and error trying to figure out what fabric to use for the monkey hands.  The red draws a little more of the attention to itself than I had planned but I like the effect of going from gold to a dark red like its from inside a furnace.

The leaves were me trying to use something different from the other blocks.

More Roseville Album Quilt pictures after we pause for a garden break.

I have to give you an update on the Wisteria.
The pictures below wer…

Cheerful Spring

WAHOO!  I won this book from Janet at Rogue Quilter.  (Thanks Janet!)  What a delightful book.  The cover quilt is definitely on my "to do" list.

I love the fabrics that are used.  I recognize some of them in my stash .  It is so much fun to anticipate and then shop for repos.  There are some great things out there.   I need to go to LQS soon.

I'm also excited about all the spring flowers.  My Wisteria is just plastered with buds, the biggest ever.  The top picture was taken Sunday and the bottom picture was taken this morning.  They can't bloom soon enough to satisfy me.  I'm watching every micro - inch of growth.  
Last year is was covered with buds too but we received 2 snow storms before it could bloom - sigh~  It did manage to produce small blooms intermittently throughout the summer but I missed out on the giant gorgeous blooms so I'm extra excited this year.  No snow is in the forecast in the 14 day. . .  it should be safe.

DH has outdone himself this…

The inside out block

I finished another block for the Roseville Album Quilt by Kim McLean.  I call it the 'Iniside Out' block because of the reverse applique on the basket.  I'm not very experienced with reverse applique but I think it turned out pretty good.

The pattern called for the 3 main flowers to have reverse applique too.  But, I chose to fussy cut them instead.

I like the way the little circles sparkle at the bottom of the basket.  They look like little crystal cut outs.

And here is a picture (above) of how the block looks with some of the others.  I think it fits in fine.

I've got my fabric all neatly organized and ready for beginning the next block.

The next block will require a woven basket.  I'm auditioning some fabrics but  noticed that I've used all but the orange on previous baskets.  I need to figure out what my other options are.

I seem to be quite organized and orderly with the Roseville Album project but look at my fabric stash below for the Sweet Land of Liber…