Playful Border

I finished getting the little outside blocks appliqued for my Fall - ish quilt.  I really have a new appreciation for all of you who did the 365 Quiltalong.  Those circles are tricky.

I sewed them on the outside of the four inner blocks.  I think they are kind of cute.

You can read about this in a previous post if you're interested.

It needs another border or something, I'd welcome any suggestions.  But, I'm in no hurry so maybe I'll just hang it in the closet until I get some inspiration.


What a sweet and generous gift.

I am so delighted by this gift of homemade pumpkins and Halloween treats that I received in the mail yesterday.  They are from the "Queen" of all things pumpkin, Wendy Kirby from the Quiet Room. And here too.  She has boxes and boxes of pumpkins that she puts out on display each fall.  Go read her blog and look at her creative and wonderful decor.

I was commenting that I didn't have enough pumpkins to decorate with and that I needed to go shopping with her some time.  She replied by sending 5 pumpkins in a cute basket, chocolate, and trick or treat towels all the way from England!.  The lettering sparkles and you can see it reflect the light on the "K".

I can't quite decide where to put this little basket of autumn goodness.  Should I put it on my dining table on top of the orange tablecloth?

Should I put it on top of my piesafe so the squirrel with the skeleton mask can guard over it?  No, no, there's too much competition with the clock.

Should I put …

Keeping busy

My youngest daughter shared some pears she had been gifted.  They were a little green so I put them in the refrigerator until I had time to do something with them.  Later I set them in the middle of the dining room table till they ripened.  Aren't they pretty?  Since I had more than we would probably eat and not enough to bottle - I decided to dehydrate them.  They are so sweet and chewy - yum!

I've finished 20 of the 32 border blocks I need.  This picture gives an idea of how I'm going to arrange them.  I think this quilt will need at least one more border before it tells me it's done.

I worked a little more on the Adhoc- Improv challenge of using "maps" as our theme.  I sewed the top and two side borders on.  I added six little Swiss flags since this is a map of the neighborhood my great grandparents lived in and they immigrated from Switzerland.  I think I will label the streets next and put in the some directional labels as well.

I finished the "Sle…

October's Song

A number of years ago I saw this little quilt by Jo Morton online and couldn't forget the colors.  They were so rich.
I looked for the pattern and discovered it was from Quiltmania but by the time I found the picture it was way past time to get this issue - drat!  I could have ordered one from France but that seemed a little too pricey.
In the meantime, Kathleen Tracy at A Sentimental Quilter  had a free pattern for a quilt block that I liked so I decided to make it using similar Jo Morton fabric.

I  liked it a lot.  It looks much richer in real life.  In fact, I liked it so much I decided I wanted to make a whole quilt of this block.  I collected fabric that related to autumn but not so much Halloween.  And then. . . . . . .
I put the block, the pattern, and the fabrics (so pretty) in a bag and stuck it in a closet for over five years.  I love to age things - like cheddar.  I tasted some 10 yrs old cheddar when I was in Wisconsin and it retained it's flavor but mellowed some…

Sweet Land of Liberty - September

I finished the section for September.   I made the angel block 5 years ago when I first started this quilt so I was a little ahead.    I love the red bird on the star pot!  I wish I had used a darker fabric behind the 1776 but it's done and I'm satisfied.  I try to use a specific fabric in each quilt I make.  I used it on the left portion of the block the angel is flying toward.  I can't remember the name of that block pattern.  I also added a little Debbie Mumm Lady Liberty in the economy block on the right.

Since I finished that section I decided to make some houses for the bottom border, and then I made some stars.  And then I kept on going.  The the border was a little smaller than the lower portion of the quilt so I added my initials.

And it's done!!!  I don't know why the lower section was wide enough without the flying geese strip on the left.  I may or may not put the strip above the smaller stars on the bottom so there isn't such a gap between them an…

#9 becomes a flimsy

In my post from August 20th I listed 15 UFOs that I wanted to get ready for the quilt frames.

Well, making a list must be rather motivating because I have finished another one.  That's three this month.  I finished #9 on the list;  the Baraboo Quilt;

It just needed a border.  The toile border may look unusual but when the quilt is spread out it's like icing on a cake.  So lovely. . . .

I also finished #1 on the list; my Sweet Land of Liberty Quilt.  I'm saving that picture till the link up on Friday (I think).

So I've finished #1, #2, #9, and #10. And that brings my list down to eleven.  Feels good!

Two of the four quilts just needed borders.  I've learned something about myself through this process.  Those two quilts got put away because I couldn't figure out how I wanted to frame them probably because I was anxious to sew on something else.  When I got the quilts out again I became fussy with the arrangement and made a lot more work for myself.  I fixed three…

Path finished, sashing begun

I finished the flying geese path from my house to my great grandmother's house and put some of the green blocks in place.   I also put a strip of mountain fabric on top because this neighborhood reaches to college hill (very steep) and eventually on up into the foothills of the Bear River Mountains and is part of the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains.  Whew!  That was a mouthful!

I should also mention the orientation of my map is not normal.  The top is east instead of north.

I didn't know till I looked it up that I grew up at the feet of the Bear River Mountains.  It is interesting because my great grandmother emigrated to America from Bern Switzerland.  Bern's mascot is the Bear and they have live bears in an enclosure by the Aare River at the south of the old city center.

My high school mascot was a Grizzly  (not surprisingly).

Photographs are great things.  I now notice some sashing strips that I want to change.  AND, I need another row of blocks between what I hav…