Mid-winter's Eve

I put this quilt on the frames in October because I knew it would take me a while to finish.  I didn't finish it for Christmas but it was a delightful Christmas season working away on it.

I finished it on January 2nd but didn't have anyone who could hold it up for a picture.  If you remember my husband broke a rib last month and he's still not ready to hold up a
 75" X 94" quilt.  One of my sons and his family recently moved across country and are now living only 25 min. away.  So when they visited today he was glad to hold it up for me.

I had so much fun making this quilt.  The pattern is called "Sleigh Bells" by Jan Patek.

The snowman was my favorite block.

The church with the crooked steeple.

I like how the windows have lights in them because it is in the nighttime.  The quilting shows up in this picture where you can still see the white chalk marking line and the yellow thread.  I used four different colors of thread in this quilt; gold, black, re…
I couldn't leave it alone.  The border wasn't working and so I had folded it up and put it away.

Then I saw Audrey's post and loved the way her lettering looks.  I was reminded that I had borrowed the "Word Play" book from my friend with the intention of doing the lettering on this quilt.  I've changed my mind so many times on this border including;
1.  Appliqued words
2.  Words all around the border
3.  Pieced letters using alternate methods
4.  Various color combinations. . .

But nothing satisfied the vision I had in my head until I used the "Word Play" method. 

There are sheep in the fabrics I used, hence the scripture.  Thanks for the reminder Audrey.

I love it!

Only four finishes in 2018

I was totaling up my finishes for 2018 and there were only four.  That was pretty discouraging. 
 But then, I remembered that the quilt on my bed (the one that has the wool batting) took me over 5 months to complete the hand quilting.  That's almost half of the year.

 It was well worth it.  I love that quilt. 

And then I did all that applique on the Roseville project.

and pieced the Land of Liberty Quilt.  I don't have a lot of finishes but I certainly don't regret the progress on the other quilts.  

I also got 4 more UFOs to the quilt top stage.

I am on the last section of quilting for this one.  I'll be done by the end of the week.  It was almost a finish for 2018.
The other three finishes besides the Chintz quilt I started with are; 1.  The Slap dash quilt

2.   Be Mine by Cheri Payne

Find the needle without getting stuck!

I was in my waking up state where I turn over a number of times before I look at the clock to see what time it is.  It's always dark when I wake up so I never know if I'm just changing positions or if it's really time to get up.

Early Monday morning I was laying on my back.  I pushed my left hand under my hip because I was close to the edge.

Gasp!  I felt the metal shaft of a pin. 

I carefully grabbed hold of it and pulled it out from under me.  As I pulled, I felt thread glide under my backside.   


I had been sewing on a binding in a chair by the side of the bed before I turned out the light at bedtime.

The good news is that in my tossing and turning all night long, I wasn't pricked.  (Although I did tie a great knot in the thread).

The other good news is that when I was ready to sew the binding - I didn't have to search for the needle.

I'm sure you all have an experience with finding a needle the uncomfortable way.  I really lucked out this…

It's about time. . .

I haven't posted for about 2 months.  Time is a precious thing and less time on the computer has been my priority.  While that has been a positive thing, I have missed sharing what I am doing in the creative realm.

I started out the day fairly well.  The sky was beautiful but alas, the warmer weather has melted almost all the snow.  I do pray for snow - for it's moisture, for it's beauty, and for the added happiness it brings to this holiday season.

Sometimes breakfast can be the most important meal of the day.  Well, this day I managed to under cook my over-easy egg (the white was runny) and then I burned my toast.    Subsequently, I choked on one of the bites, you know, the kind of choking where you have to remove yourself from the table and end up wiping the tears from your eyes. . .

So, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to anyone who is generous enough to read this homely little blog.  It brings me a lot of joy to share what I'm working on, what I've finished…

Playful Border

I finished getting the little outside blocks appliqued for my Fall - ish quilt.  I really have a new appreciation for all of you who did the 365 Quiltalong.  Those circles are tricky.

I sewed them on the outside of the four inner blocks.  I think they are kind of cute.

You can read about this in a previous post if you're interested.

It needs another border or something, I'd welcome any suggestions.  But, I'm in no hurry so maybe I'll just hang it in the closet until I get some inspiration.


What a sweet and generous gift.

I am so delighted by this gift of homemade pumpkins and Halloween treats that I received in the mail yesterday.  They are from the "Queen" of all things pumpkin, Wendy Kirby from the Quiet Room. And here too.  She has boxes and boxes of pumpkins that she puts out on display each fall.  Go read her blog and look at her creative and wonderful decor.

I was commenting that I didn't have enough pumpkins to decorate with and that I needed to go shopping with her some time.  She replied by sending 5 pumpkins in a cute basket, chocolate, and trick or treat towels all the way from England!.  The lettering sparkles and you can see it reflect the light on the "K".

I can't quite decide where to put this little basket of autumn goodness.  Should I put it on my dining table on top of the orange tablecloth?

Should I put it on top of my piesafe so the squirrel with the skeleton mask can guard over it?  No, no, there's too much competition with the clock.

Should I put …