Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New idea!

I calculated how many blocks I would need to complete the nine-patch pinwheel quilt top and discovered that I needed five more blocks to have the border work out.  So, I cut out five more blocks (see previous post) and sat down at the sewing machine when I could squeeze in a few minutes.

 100 HSTs all pressed

200 Dog ears trimmed

Sewn into the next units

Pressed again

Pinwheels waiting for a trim

5 blocks assembled - sigh~

Experimenting with border zigzag

Now I can get back to assembling the quilt top.  I reworked my plan on graph paper and found that I really needed 10 more blocks not five.  Not to worry, while working with the previous five, I came up with another idea which I'm kind of excited about.  Now to put it into action!!!

I'm going to put some lettering on the quilt, something reminiscent of childhood because this fabric line is in crayon box colors.

Stay tuned. . . . . . . .

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Quilt talking back~

You know how you plan a quilt
 with certain fabric in mind 
and a fun pattern.

And then you push ahead only to find out what you had visualized in your mind wasn't the way the quilt wanted to be made?

I planned on making this nine-patch pinwheel quilt top using American Jane "Potluck" line.  I loved the shaded alternate blocks and especially the zigzag border.  Lovely, lovely.

So I faithfully made 64 blocks (which took forever!!!) and started cutting out Kona Snow for the alternate blocks - NO!  It stopped me in my tracks because it was so wrong.

I searched my stash and came up with a darling conversational print from years ago.  But. . . I couldn't cut it for the alternate blocks on point or it would be sideways.  If I cut it out so it was upright - all the seams would be bias.

I decided to use a straight set (above).  That would mean a different configuration so I began picking blocks apart.  I need to sew it 12 blocks by 11 blocks to get the zigzag border placement correct.

Changing the setting means making 5 more nine-patch pinwheel blocks - gasp!  I am so over making these blocks but alas. . .

I cut out 220 more pieces and began to sew.

100 half square triangles.

                                    to be continued. . . . . . . . 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Just right

I decided I wanted to try and make sashing using 2 1/2" shoo-fly blocks.

The first one was way too small.  The 2nd one was way too big.

The 3rd one was just right!

Now I need to decide if I want to make 196 of these little guys.

Although, technically, I'd only have to make 195 since one is already made - sigh~


Monday, July 4, 2016

virtual Gwennie inspired quilt

I really wanted to join this Gwen Marston inspired QAL.  It looks like so much fun!  But, alas, I will only do it in my dreams. They had the reveal of the first border  last week and it was so much fun to see what everyone has done.  Debra just revealed her quilt today and the fireflies in the border are delightful

My center medallion would have a patriotic Maggie Bonanomi feel with  the basket holding  some fruit and it would have to have an American flag.  I love the pattern below.

The border has the theme of "childhood" and would have to represent my 33 cousins because they were all an important part of my childhood.  We would get together for picnics and camp outs in Logan Canyon or Bear Lake.  I remember the summer we visited the cousins in Boise and their rabbit had just had babies.  What more could a 10 yr. old want than a soft cuddly baby bunny?  I thought about embroidering all their names on different colored strips of fabric like a piano key border.

Some teenage cousins - I'm on the far right.

I instantly had an inspiration for the next border themed "Log Cabin".   But I won't share that idea yet.  Too bad I'm not really making the quilt because it's a fabulous idea.

Thanks to all of you who ARE actually participating in this QAL and are making it so much fun to follow along.  I look forward to the amazing ideas that appear next month.

Also, ancestry.com is have a 20% off deal on the DNA kits today.  I ordered one.  It's going to be so hard to wait the 6-8 wks. for the results.  I keep thinking about what the results might be because your parents only give you a random half of their DNA in the 23 chromosomes that make up the egg or sperm, there are all kinds of possibilities.  There's a great little film here that explains a lot.

Have a great day!

PS  I only have 13 more blocks (see previous post)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Forty Four

There are 44 pieces in each one of these 6" blocks.  I only have the patience to make a few at a time before I'm antsy to go on to something else.

So it's taken me weeks to get this far.  I have 20 more blocks to go.

But, it is helping me accomplish my goal this year of quilting more tops than I make.

The colors look muddy in this picture.  

So far so good.

I've finished  4 quilts and given two tops away.  I've only made one top this year from the Bonnie Hunter's 2015 Mystery.  I finished it in January.

I'm not going to give up on this goal but I'm not really having as much fun in the sewing room as usual and there isn't a whole lot to post about.

The things we do to ourselves.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fabulous project!!!

I just found  a project at the Piece O' Cake blog.  It is Becky Goldsmith's journey in making her Kauai Road piece.  I don't have permission to use a picture of it but go to the June 18th post and scroll down to see her creation process.  I can hardly wait to start a project like this.

She took a photo that she wanted to make into a quilt.  She enlarged it and traced it to clear vinyl.  Then put pieces up on her design wall with the overlay close by.  She just trimmed, folded, and pinned till she got the pieces the right size.

She carefully took it off her design wall, has basted the shapes into place, and is now hand stitching the background.

I just love the whole concept.

Maybe one of these pictures could be made into cloth.

Isn't this sky great?  It has so much potential.

And this picture for fall.  Maybe each pumpkin could be made out of a different orange fabric.

The possibilities are endless!!!

Does anybody know where I can find some extra time?


Saturday, June 18, 2016

A teaching opportunity

DIL's finished top 19" X 27"

My newest DIL wanted to learn how to quilt.  We decided to start small and she began to look through my finished tops and small quilts.  She found the prairie queen block with the double four patch in one of tops and instantly wanted to make it.  I remembered that the little quilt below had a double four patch and showed it to her.  She was smitten.  It is from a pattern called "Simply Sweet" by Cheri Saffiote Payne

And then came the task of picking out fabric.  She soon decided she wanted to make something in red, white, and blue using the bright red but it got more difficult after that.  I got out my box of patriotic fabric, my box of Minick & Simpson fabric, all 3 boxes of Jo Morton fabric, the box of small scraps, and she searched the shelf of misc. large pieces by color.  She found two pieces of toile that she loved but couldn't quite figure how to incorporate them into the little quilt.  We finally decided to use one of them for the backing.  I was ready to pull out the boxes in my downstairs closet when she finally decided on the blue with the white stars and we were ready to begin.

My version of "Simply Sweet" by Cheri 

She soon became confident with rotary cutting.  She started sewing the tiny four patches tentatively but with determination.    She was a able to finish the project in  just 3 sittings.  She wants to hand quilt it so we'll be basting the layers together on Monday.

Instructions for Simply Sweet
 We went to Colorado the weekend after Memorial Day.  We hadn't been back for over eight years.  We took balloons to our little boy's grave.  He's buried in such a pretty cemetery.  Being there brought back so many sweet memories.

We stopped in Green River for breakfast on the way there.  My husband loves a good link sausage so he was delighted by these locally made ones.

We had a birthday this week.  It was grandchild # 6.  A rollicking playful young man, look at those eyes. . .

You can see additional sprinkles on the stovetop.  They were all over the entire stove top.  The celebration is today but grandma wasn't encouraged to come because it will mostly be scrambling little boys in a recreational facility.

Just wanted to share a few spring pictures.  The tiny carnations are from our yard - so pretty.

This picture of the teeny tiny grapes was taken at the nursery.  They are just so cute I couldn't pass them up.

Hope your Saturday is spent in your sewing room!